Monday, December 20, 2010

Desperately seeking??


The fine art of blogging..what are we ‘desperately seeking’???..approval..making people laugh.. hitting a ‘nerve’..or writing about a topic that everyone is interested in..

As the year 2010 is drawing to a close I went through my posts from this past year and tried to pick my favourites?…are they the ones with the most comments or the ones that were written ‘off the cuff’…

The most comments I ever received on any one post was ‘November Blues’…21 comments..not my favourite post but I got lots of feedback…

I had some fun in the summer trying to make something out of ‘organizing closets’..’ironing’…or the  ‘lack of help with the housework as my two fur children assume their positions’.


So what were my top three favourites of 2010… first place in my opinion..

and the second place goes to….


and third place.. as there is now only 11 days left in 2010…there you have my favourites.

what are you desperately seeking???


  1. I "get" the reason for # one.

    Love your red bedroom! OK, and the dog too!

    You shoulda bought that motorhome dude!

    Love Eleanor's quote! She was quite a gal.

    What am I seeking? I hadn't thought of it as seeking anything really. I enjoy reading blogs and if I think up something to blog about and somebody wants to read it and comment about it, cool! If not, I'm a big girl and I can take it. The whole thing started out as a travel journal that took the place of emails for our friends and family that wanted to know about our travels. They read it, but none of them have blogs so don't comment. I don't care.

    So there, Susan, you have what I am not desperatly seeking! (your name may not actually be Susan, Sue, but it fit with the movie title so I went with it) now excuse me while I go get a robe...

  2. I'm not desperately seeking anything, I am a totally different type of blogger. I started my blog to share sightings and photos of my bird outings with other birders.

  3. Yup, those were three good ones, Sue. I like your choice #1, even though it makes me sad all over again about the loss of Margie and Bruce. Who knew what an impact their blog presence had on all of us. That will be my #1 memory of blogville 2010.

  4. Great choices for your top 3 favourites!

    I'm not desperately seeking anything from blogging that I know of. To me, it's just a great hobby that stimulates my thinking each day and prods me to engage in another hobby I had long ignored - photography.

    The main purpose at first was simply a journal for our family to follow while we were on vacation.

    Now, it's simply a hobby that I enjoy but I do not ever want to get desperate about. As long as it's fun, I'll probably keep doing it.

  5. For me, it started out much the same as many others. Just a simple record of our travels for ourselves, friends & family. And, like so many others, it is friends & family who rarely read it. At some point the blog took on a life of it's own & my reasons for keeping it going are different now than when I started a few years ago. The blog gives me a creative outlet for my writing, photography, & love of the RV lifestyle. Yes, it's a hobby, but it has become much more than a hobby. We are currently averaging well over 500 hits a day & yesterday our daily count hit all time high of 733. That encourages me to keep the blog going because it tells me I am doing something right that other people enjoy. I don't base my blogs popularity on volumes of comments because that is easily a false reading. OK, bottom line....I write the blog because I love doing it, but mainly it is the satisfaction I get knowing other people enjoy reading the blog as much as I do writing it:))

  6. What are we desperately seeking, some way to afford medical insurance for three years until were eligible for Medicare, then Donna could retire and we could hit the road, Other than that I have found that the blog is pretty much self sustaining with just what is going on in life around here, what with the pups and the grandkids.I too think Rick has the right idea, it does stimulate your other interests like, photography, trains, and keeping your mind sharp trying to be legible.Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.

  7. You didn't tell us what you are desperately seeking. I don't think I'm desperately seeking anything. Other than Sam looking for health care, I don't think any of us are desperate. At least I hope not. :)

  8. Looks like I am with the most. I was not seeking anything, in fact, my wife made me do it!

    Now I enjoy writing about what we are up to. I enjoy comments from others and thru blogging I have discovered others who are experiencing the same lifestyle.

  9. I guess, being a closet comedian, I just like giving folks a chuckle...Desperate?? I think of myself as more of a "desperado"...I should have been a "gangsta mama", like Bonnie to Clyde...without the violence!..Before we ever had an RV, we took lots of trips..and I always kept a journal...I made copies of the last 3, and put them in a bound notebook form..then gave a copy of those journals to each one of our kids...Hopefully, someday they will look at them, remember what a flake their mom was..and it will put a smile on their faces...

  10. I was pretty nervous about starting a blog and then posting for the first time. What was I thinking? I'm so glad that I helps to fill a void and makes me laugh and cry and look forward to when I finally hit the road.

  11. I blog for myself. I sit at my laptop snickering as I type :) Then I hit publish. Not everyone likes my style, or my content. I've had some negative feedback about all my poop jokes. I just delete those comments, and keep at it! Hey, it's MY blog! If people don't like it, they are welcome to click the little X at the top, and send me and by blog down the tubes.

    Now, on the flip side, I've made a lot of great friends through the blog and I'm loving how I'm getting to know people that are regular you :)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  12. Hi Sue and Doug,
    You remind me that it might be a good idea to review the year of blog posts. Might inform what I do next year. I started blogging as a way to ground myself during John's and my relocation from the southwest to central coast california. It has absolutely been a life saver. I try to use blogging as a writing practice. Sometimes though its just plain self help therapy for me. It is fun getting to know you commenters. You've been my friends and family during this year of transientness. Take care, Happy Holidays and thanks for being there!

  13. I love your top three! And my opinion is that you get a lot of comments when the post is easy to comment on. Doesn't necessarily mean that is the best post, but people liked it and found something they wanted to comment on. Make any sense? Anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog - keep it up!

  14. I loved #2, Let sleeping dogs lie. We are waiting for our new Golden puppy to come home Jan. 7. It will be hard to not spoil her like that.

    Rick in Ontario

  15. Interesting to pay attention and review what has been written. Nice to see other bloggers doing the same with your inspiration. I have been blogging for some years but only recently noticed anyone reading, so the "most popular" posts aren't necessarily the best, for sure.


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