Saturday, December 4, 2010

a dose of vitamin D!

The sky was periwinkle  blue..snow on the mountains ..a perfect day for a walk on the dyke in Pitt Meadows…

Pitt Meadows has been home to European Settlers since the early 1800’s..since there was threats of flooding of the low lying farmland..dykes were built to save this prime farmland…

It has taken over 80 years and millions of dollars to build this extensive dyke system in the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge area…

our walk was just a small portion of the…


A favourite place for a walk on a postcard perfect day…we have not been here since February 2009…Tucker was just a puppy…it was a frosty day…



Today it was  bit warmer than that day in February …and there was no chance of picking Tucker up and holding him for a photo!!..too much time has passed..



the colours are my favourite….the brown,  blue and white..…calm and peaceful…the parking lot was full of die-hard walkers..but there was plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the peace and tranquility..


that is of course until…Tucker enters the water…



on the hunt for that ‘perfect stick’..once again he does not know that is December and it is only about 4 degrees celcius!..


a picture taking opportunity at every corner…we have missed coming here…


when our time comes to leave the ‘lower mainland’..this is one spot that we will both miss…Tucker will find fun no matter where we go…as long as there is a place to run, swim, and chase a stick or a ball he will be happy!!!



a few miles down the road is the hustle and bustle of the town of Maple Ridge..hard to believe that this small piece of heaven is so close…we will be back..and it sure won’t be  21 months before we venture to this beautiful place that is in our  own ‘backyard’..


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your tour and pictures. The blue sky and the snow on the mountains were my favorites. I'm glad you got out to soak in some Vitamin D!

  2. Great pictures. Now that we have a small dog, I am just wondering how you get Tucker dry before he bounds back into the RV?

  3. for RV..yet..and as for a wet dog in the back of the jeep?..lots of towels and an item called a 'soggy dog'..we cover his bed with it when he is 'soggy'..nothing like the smell of a wet, happy dog in the back of a jeep!!

  4. Your pictures today are fantastic. You are absolutely right about the colors there too.

    Still can't figure out how Tucker doesn't freeze going into that cold water!

  5. Thanks for the pictures of Pit Meadows. Ron's mom lived there for a time when she was a youngster. She really liked the area.

  6. Peaceful scenic mountain scenes but I had to go turn up the thermostat after seeing Tucker's plunge into those chilling waters.

  7. That is a really beautiful area and I'd miss it too. I know what you mean about the blues and browns. Tucker was such a cutie when he was a baby. He's quite the water dog, isn't he?

  8. My gosh, Pit Meadows is a beautiful area. I laughed when I saw Tucker in your arms in the 2009 picture. Looks to me like Tucker was all legs then and just about too big for you to hold. Beautiful and enjoyable pictures.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I have received several very good suggestions from our RV blogging friends. I feel very lucky to have a group like this to turn to for help.

  9. Gorgeous photos and one smelly dog!

  10. What a beautiful place to take a stroll! :)

  11. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Tucker looks like one happy dog! Judy from Rvlifeonwheels

  12. What a lovley place, I can understand why you'll miss it. But you can always come back for a re-visit.

    Enjoyed your pix of Tucker, we sure miss our Golden, "Cutter". He left us about 5 years ago. Seeing TUcker chasing the sticks in the water brought back wonderful memories of Cutter, he loved the water, too.

  13. I should think that water is so cold that it couldn't cause a dog to stink!..Hey, Tucker is big enough, he should have held you for this last photo session...Beautiful area...let's go again soon!!

  14. What a beautiful place Thank You for the tour.

  15. Gorgeous photos and the mountains are sooooo pretty! Love Tucker's smile.

  16. Tucker is mighty brave getting in that water! I don't like being in water I can't see through. Too much chance of getting attacked by something you can't see.

    Love your header, by the way!

  17. The mountains are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.


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