Tuesday, December 28, 2010

go west young man….


Time to head home…and back to work…..this was our route this weekend…over 800 kilometers..( 528 miles)

Fullscreen capture 28122010 32312 PM


Our Christmas weekend is history…A quick adventure to  the Ashnola River Campground…Carlie got to drive the jeep and Doug played ‘photographer’..






Tucker got to go for a ‘swim’..he see’s the water..he is going in…and he is out again in a split second!!..who forgot to heat the river???....that was cold!!!



speaking of being cold…there was even a family camping..note the campfire and the fact that they are outside enjoying the winter wonderland…


IMG_4902meanwhile back at the ‘ranch’..we were suppose to be busy hanging pictures..



but I was distracted taking some more pictures of all the awards!!

the wall of pictures did finally get hung up…after lots of measuring and planning..I think the ceiling is crooked though???


Tucker and Nikki..the ‘german shorthair’ decided it was a good time for a nap..Chase..the ‘german shepard’ wanted no part of the blankie!




we left Keremeos this morning after the hugs and ‘love ya’s..see you next year…thanks for a great weekend!!


the roads were basically in good shape considering that we heard on the news that the Allison Pass was to  have received 20 centimeters ( 6 inches) of new snow yesterday…but it really didn’t look any different than it did four days ago..







that would be 4403 feet for you American Readers..


this will be the last snow shot…it was all downhill from here…raining once we got to Hope…and then onwards to home…heading across the Port Mann Bridge…



thanks for riding along in the backseat..hope you weren’t too squished!..


  1. I really enjoy your pictures, you have an eye for capturing the unusual and presenting it beautifully.

    Your Jeep looks good in any picture! BTW, thanks for doing the conversions for we American readers, cause I don't speak Canadian. ;c)

  2. Thanks for a great ride and converting the metrics. :)

  3. that is some batch of awards! I loved seeing the family with a campfire in the snow. Great photos as usual.

  4. That looks like a great route from the photos, but I don't like those long haul drives. Nice job on making it through the 500+ mile marathon!

  5. Great pictures and thanks for taking us along for the ride. Some pretty nice scenery captured in your photos! Nice job on the map, too!!

  6. Great pictures and story, as always. I liked the snow pictures and especially liked the jeep mirror picture. It looks like you have quite an awards section in your condo, especially now that you've added the pictures. Thanks for the conversions for us wimpy Americans--I'm not to good with the metric system!

  7. Enjoyed the ride and the pictures, Looks like Tucker didn't care for a ice cold swim. Haven't had Rigg's over to the Doggie park yet this winter si I don't know what he will do , but I will bring a couple of big towels just in case he doesn't like the cold water. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Wow; all those awards ... nice to have them all up and enjoy them every day.

    Love seeing snow pictures ... as long as I'm not living in it :-))) At least you did your trip over a period of time. In September 2009, we did a 750-km trip from Jasper to Wells Gray Provincial Park in a day ... believe me, we didn't plan it that way ... blame it on the salmon, I say.

  9. Great photos! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  10. What GREAT pictures and a fun post to read... We miss you! I have been gone from the blogging world for a while & I am trying very hard to get back on the bloggin track... I have missed my blogland friends! Hope all is well with you all and keep on posting those wonderland pictures!
    Travel Safe

  11. Great pictures. Love the creek with the ice. Tucker looked like he was having a ball. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures and glad you are home all safe and sound.

  12. Loved your pics..Unfortunately, McGuyver and I got to do some "winter camping" on the way home....Tucker is a stud!!Just one beautiful dog, that one!!!!

  13. What a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures with a unique prespective. Happy New Year and safe travels!!


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