Saturday, December 18, 2010

the last Saturday for Christmas shopping??


a week from today is actually Christmas as you all know..but today is our day for week early…we are heading to Keremeos on Friday…and there will be no room for all the gifts and us and Tucker…in the jeep…hence the early celebration..

It will be turkey dinner and all the gifts at Carlie’s apartment..just the three of us..and Tucker of course….it has been a mad rush to get everything done..

so as I sit here this morning..all the gifts are wrapped and sitting under Carlie’s tree…along with her shiny new TV…

No..she is away for  few days last night we played Santa and set everything up at her place…so there will be a big surprise when she gets home today…

I am most thankful that heading to the mall is not on my list of      must  do’s, although we use to go to the mall on Christmas Eve ..and sit and have coffee and watch all the people shopping frantically…I know it was a ‘sick form of entertainment’…but all in good fun….

so on to my day…peel the potatoes..set the table…stuff the turkey ..drink some wine..and open some gifts..and of course spend some time with my little family!..more later..

a busy day…but we made it through..



by 1230 ..the turkey was in the oven ..and we sat back and relaxed..played a few games..watched some TV..went for a walk to the produce market and got some lemons for our cesars! the way ..the spicy beans?..very spicy but good!!..before we knew it…dinner was almost ready…



dishes are getting done..soon it will be time to open all the gifts…IMG_4576-1IMG_4556

Carlie received the usual items( socks  and toothbrushes etc..…plus a few extras besides the new  TV..a martini set with glasses…and a recipe binder..a plaque for her wall and a set of measuring cups…

She got us a beautiful stainless steel capuccino maker…chocolates..…a gift card for chapters..a book light for my e-reader..and she got Doug an olympic kangaroo jacket and a watch.2010_12_183

our day is but a memory…onward to our trip to Keremeos…and another turkey dinner.


  1. What a nice day! That turkey looked perfect. Wondering if Tucker gets a Christmas gift. Been thinking about getting a light for Roger's Kindle but wasn't sure if they work well or not. Glad you had a Merry Christmas, early.

  2. Looks like you had a very special day with you daughter, and isn't that what it is all about? Loved all the pictures.

  3. Nice Christmas photos. I remember Christmas's like that a loooooooong time ago.

  4. What a great day and Christmas dinner with Carlie (and Tucker of course!). That Turkey looked fantastic, makes me want Christmas Day to get here sooner! You all did very well with your gifts too, I see! It sure must have been nice for Carlie to come home to a beautifully prepared meal and all the usual Christmas stuff ready to go.

    Have a safe trip to Keremeos and make room for another Turkey dinner!

  5. Thanks for all the lovely was like I was there celebrating, opening presents and basting the turkey with you!! That TV is incredible...Carlie must have flipped!! What a great time we had, delicious dinner..all my favourites!!...and I'm stuffed!..So when do we leave for Keremeos?
    Take care and safe travels!

  6. How wonderful it all sounded and looked...I felt like we were right there...I especially enjoyed the wine we drank together...maybe someday we can REALLY do it...bring your "happy pants!" ...and thanks for the Xmas celebration!

  7. Looks like you had a grand early Christmas celebration. Presents, food, and of course, time spent with Carlie. You must have had to get organized in order to pull all that off. Now maybe you can relax and enjoy the week?

  8. Yikes...I just started my shopping yesterday!

  9. Well done my friend! Everything looks beautiful!! I'm glad you had such a lovely day with the most important people in your life!! You couldn't ask for anything better than what you received with that! Safe travels for the rest...


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