Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas post…


A busy Christmas morning here in Keremeos..up early..feed the some gifts..and begin our Christmas dinner preparations…



a nice day…dinner early..and then relaxing for the balance of the day…

Boxing day began early also…this farm/ranch  life style is not conducive to sleeping in…up by 6 am..

and we were all heading out the door before 8 am…heading towards Okanagan Falls, to visit Karen’s sister and her husband and all the nieces and nephews…

photo opportunities were aplenty…

first stop was a rest area about 10 miles from Keremeos…



Yellow Lake..frozen over….

We left Ron and Karen in Okanagan Falls to continue visiting and we headed towards Osoyoos…

We were interested in checking out N’kimp RV park..we have only stayed there in the summer and were curious about  how full it was in the winter…along the way we stopped at

Vaseux  Lake..just outside Okanagan Falls..mirrored perfection



this funny looking ‘scarecrow’ was in the town of Oliver…



Osoyoos lake.not exactly a beach kind of day….



The RV park was pretty well full…only a few empty spots in the ‘snowbird’ area…nice and quiet..a far cry from how busy it is in the summer…
We made a stop at the local park so Tucker could have a run and chase his ball….



the winter view from Richter Pass..



Spotted lake….


Similkameen Valley…heading back to Keremeos



IMG_4783the big horn sheep were aplenty along River Road..we stopped and took a few shots..’does this rock make my butt look big?’IMG_4787



we arrived back in time for the ‘floor installation to begin..’our room’ in the basement is getting a new look…2010_12_263

the tomb is no more…good job, boys!!



  1. Gorgeous photos!! Thanks for taking me along on your trip!! Beautiful!

  2. Wow, what a lot of diverse photos! I love your new header photo! John was born in Oliver. His father's father had a farm there. John's dad now lives in Penticton.

  3. Looks like you guys and Tucker had a great day trip, glad to have gone along. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  4. The Oliver, Osoyoos area is one of the places we would consider if we ever got ourselves organized enough to leave Ontario. Ever since living in the Okanagan Valley in the early 70's for a few years I've always wanted to move back to BC. Nice photos

  5. Nice header picture of Tucker! What gorgeous winter scenery you traveled through, and how nice to see the sheep. It sure beats the view out my window. :)

  6. Love all the pictures today. Sounds like you had a great time. Happy New Year.

  7. Beautiful!

    What an awesome way to spend the day on a bit of nature roadtrip! Many other people were probably disgruntled about having to drive by all that beauty and didn't even notice it. Thanks for sharing the photo's.

    And you even had enough time to get some work done! Nice floor!

    Now get ready for a Happy New Year!!!

  8. Great header picture of Tucker and all the other photos are pretty amazing as well. Good job on the new floor too - looks great! Who can work the day after a big Christmas dinner??

  9. That Tucker is one handsome Golden. Glad you enjoyed your travels!

  10. Beautiful winter lake scenery ... and I like that old truck.


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