Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When did??….

When  did having a good work ethic mean that you are deemed ‘the stupid one?’

just a question..don’t know if I really want an answer?..my job was re-classifed about a year ago..and along with the increase in pay came a few more duties to justify the wage increase…

well..it seems that some of my co-workers are barely doing the basic work..never mind doing the few extra things…some days I feel like I have the word ‘stupid’ tattooed on my forehead..

I have been told that this is what you can expect when you work ‘union’..our supervisor spends more time in his office..oblivious to the ‘goings on’..

So now my plan is ..if you can’t beat em…join em..we all make the same money…so why should I feel that all the extra duties are now my responsibility?..so when they sit..I will sit…it will be difficult but I will give it a good try…wish me luck..I think I am going to need it….


  1. Ask my wife Donna about this , she has twice the accounts of others in the office that have time to play on the computer and talk all day. Her boss is a pet rock.Your just being rewarded like you said for having a good work ethic. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I'll bet it won't work for you! If you have a strong work ethic, you can't just sit. Good luck trying though!

  3. It won't work Sue, trust me, if you are anything like me, it won't work! Some people have a work ethic, some don't!

  4. Oh, boy. Don't even get me started. I have some co-workers that are more interested in having a good time than actually geting the job done. I believe this: just get in there, get the job done, then you can sit back and relax. If not you will spend the whole day behind and the following shift has to pick up your slack. That is how they act. They just pass the buck. Ugh!!!!!!

  5. NO, NO, NO, don't do it!! Just because YOU are exceptional,,,don't let the others drag you down to their level.
    Its called PRIDE,,,,not stupid.
    Please don't do it!! Keep on being YOU,,an exceptional person!!! Hold your head high and be proud.......You'll feel good about it!!


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