Sunday, February 28, 2010


Proud to be a Canadian!!

As the Vancouver 2010 Olympics come to a close this evening..we are reflecting on the past 17 days that we have been engrossed in all the events that were on the television...NOW WHAT ARE WE GONNA WATCH?? will be back to the normal T.V gold national anthem...the one good thing about the Olympics being over is that the next time the Winter Olympics are on..will be 2014..our year to retire??..

We have thoroughly enjoyed watching all the events..from the skiing, speed skating, moguls, curling and even the figure skating..oh and of course the HOCKEY!!!..we never thought that we would have enjoyed it as much as we did..we are proud to say we are CANADIAN and we live in Vancouver!! as we say so long to the world watching our town....we will go back to our normal lives but in our hearts the Canadian anthem will always be!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Embracing the Olympic Spirit !!

A few pictures seems to be worth a thousand words..a good day to "embrace the olympic spirit"..and "rub elbows" with our fellow tourists..and experience a few "people jams"..all in all a great day ..a picture perfect postcard day in Vancouver...

We rode transit into town..stopping first at Science World/Russia House and the hundreds of the Innukshuks built on the edge of False Creek/Concord Pacific Plaza..our next stop was the Olympic Superstore..we stood in line for over an hour and came out without making any purchases..our next stop was Robson Street..a mass of people..a sea of red and white and Canadian Flags...last and final stop of the day was the Olympic Cauldron on the shore of Coal Harbour...

On our train on the way home we met torchbearer #50 on day 102..she let Doug have his picture taken with her torch...a perfect end to a great day..Doug survived his first ride on public transit in 22 years and we can say we "embraced the Olympic spirit"..tommorrow?? will be Hockey Day!!!..Canada versus the United States!

Go Canada Go!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


We are just working for the weekends these days..just to get through another work week is a feat in itself..some days are just harder than others..

Not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to is February and it looks like we have bypassed winter??..we are having the Spring Olympics not the Winter Olympics..the weather has been perfect this past sky..snow on the mountains..picture perfect..!!

Poor Freeway sitting in the storage lot all by himself...full of antifreeze..what a waste of  $$ that was this year..we had a few weeks in December that were cold but other than that we could have been out camping!!

Tommorrow we are venturing into Vancouver to "embrace the olympic spirit" us crazy but we figure this is a chance of a lifetime and if you can't "beat em..may as well join em"..stay tuned ..more to come to follow!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

As yet another weekend comes to a close..this one was much better than the last six..Mundy Park..Daytona 500..Ikea..and Costco and of course, the Olympics..and a gold medal for Canada..!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone..hope you all had a great day!!..Doug has told me on numerous occasions that it is Valentine's Day everyday..pleeaassee!!..I still got flowers and a lovely card and that doesn't happen everyday!..homemade lasagna and salad for dinner rounded out our on to another work week!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Opening Ceremonies..Vancouver 2010

Our Friday evening was spent on the couch with our eyes on the televison..watching the Opening Ceremonies unfold..we were not disappointed..a great job was done....

Saturday was a rainy, wet day..our quiet morning involved... sleeping in..watching some of the Olympics and doing a bit of housework..a far cry from the last six weekends..this afternoon we went out and did a few errands..Tucker went to doggy daycare for four hours....a nice quiet Saturday..been a long time coming..tommorrow??..Daytona 500 for Doug...Me??..I think I might venture out and go to Ikea and Costco..should be a good day!!!..more later...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Torch Relay has arrived in Coquitlam..

This morning was Coquitlam's turn for the Olympic Torch Relay..and we were in luck..the route included a run from Guildford to Westwood Street....we were one of the naysayers when it came to the Olympics but we jumped on the bandwagon when it came time for the torch to be in our neighbourhood..

Our streets were lined with people this morning at 6:30 a.m. in anticipation of the torch coming 7:30 after all the waiting in the rain..the runner turned the corner and ran by..and as quick as he had arrived he was gone...I got one photo of the torch..a blurry one at best but a photo still the least I can say I saw it..
After all the excitment to work I went ..only 45 minutes late but it was worth it.. :)
..and off he goes..gone in a click of the camera...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Empty Nest !!

Carlie returned home in January 2008 after being gone for ten months..we had wasted no time in turning her room into a computer room/scrapbooking/tv room..this room was short lived until NOW!!..she stayed with us for over two was trying at times for everyone but our "bird" has now left the nest!!

The family joke was that the Olympic countdown was her countdown to moving out..well she beat the Olympic countdown by seven days..a one bedroom apartment on the seventh floor... about a ten minute walk from here is now her new home!!..her furniture  is out of storage and all set up in her new home..a cute little apartment to call home!!

This past weekend was moving day..a very busy weekend for all of us..her moving carpets cleaned..organizing..painting her old room ( which once again is the computer room)..we have now completed all our painting and organizing..thank goodness..this has been a long six weeks and we are so glad it is finally done!!!

Will we miss her??..of course we will..we just won't miss her "stuff"....she is gone from here..time for her to spread her wings and fly on her own!! ya Car...enjoy your new life!!! can come home anytime for dinner!!!

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