Sunday, October 31, 2010

birthday dogs run a muck!!


This afternoon we met Tucker’s sister, “Harmony” over at the park near our house…


the fall colours were spectacular at the lake and along the paths….Tucker waiting patiently…for what though?..he had no idea…



this red haired golden is Tucker’s sister, Harmony…she was the little trouble- maker when they were puppies..her and Tucker were always together…she liked to beat him up..

as you can see …she still does…


then it was time for birthday cake…I tried to catch them waiting patiently…no luck…


there was two little ‘doggy cupcakes’..Tucker devoured his..paper and all..


we tried a few times to get the two of them to sit nice and get that perfect shot..



we said our goodbyes..the ‘kids’ were tired…Keith and Kelly and ‘Harmony’ checking out their pictures …they were also hoping for that perfect shot….


see you next time…we will make sure it is not 365 days again…it is funny how the two ‘birthday kids’ haven’t forgotten each other…





we headed back home…these lovely autumnal colours are in our condo complex…


so as the month of October draws to a close…the ghosts and goblins and fireworks will be happening soon…

We look forward to the month of November…and new adventures….stay tuned…

Happy anniversary/happy birthday

Happy  30th anniversary to it is not our wedding anniversary but the anniversary of the day we got engaged..yes, Halloween was the day!..October 31st, 1980…a sweet proposal that came as quite a shock…and here we are 30 Halloween’s later..still together….where has the time young and full of hopes and dreams…

IMG_4126IMG_4127now as we ponder the last 30 years..we are still filled with hopes and dreams..but we now need to share this special  anniversary with our ‘golden boy’…

Tucker was born on October 31st, 2008…he is two years old today!..our ‘devil child’..

tucker 2this was him..that cold day in December…..he looked so ‘tuckered out’..

and forward two years…our boy who plays, swims, runs , chases a ball all with such a zest for life…he is our ‘nearly perfect golden boy’..Happy Birthday Tucker!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should dance…..


The month of October is almost done: 5 Fridays….5  Saturdays and 5 Sundays..this only happens once in 823 is suppose to be good luck with regards to $$….we all know it has not been good luck in other ways this month…

Every morning when I start up my computer….I go to my email first… then facebook and then my blog roll..this morning I read Rick’s entry with regards to Bruce and Margie…and it made me realize that more than a week has gone by since that tragic day….

I know that one day her picture will be gone as one of my followers…and her blog will disappear from the blogs…

So copying Rick’s idea, I too have added a picture of Bruce and Margie to my will remain until I am ready to remove it…I enjoy looking at their smiling faces and remember that day we met them  and the wonderful way that they made us feel like we were special to them..little did we know that they were the ones who were special….

rest in peace, Bruce and Margie…


now..onto other  things…the rains of fall have arrived..who has the delete button?..and are you willing to share??…


we know why this great province we live in is so green! is because of all the rain!…we are going to grow webbed feet soon


..or maybe build an ark???imagesCAEGYH59


Happy Monday everyone…

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heading home….


We left the comfort of our ‘cottage’ this morning and we headed north towards the USA/CANADA border…

The drive was uneventful..and Doug and I were both absorbed in our own thoughts..wishing and dreaming we were heading south instead of being pulled back into the working world…our life of reality..we know…

We noticed a few rigs heading doubt heading towards the warmer parts of the southwest for the winter…the freedom to go where they wanted and stay as long as they like..or until their 182 days are up…

We also wondered about the sense of freedom to have all your belongings  with you as you head down the road..what does that feel like??…please tell us!!

Sure there are advantages to have a stix and brix house..but there are advantages to living the other way too…and we are darn sure that the other way is going to be our way!!


the port mann bridge…we are almost home….


the fraser river…as seen from the bridge..


we have arrived…our parking space in the underground of our condo building..

it was great to be away for the weekend..but now the laundry awaits …as does the grocery shopping..and lunches for tomorrow…..

but as I was putting all the items away I did notice that we have a ‘lot of stuff’ in all the closets…we really need to purge again!! is like it all multiplies all by does that happen???..I really need to get busy!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

soaring with eagles…


our day began with another lesson in geo-caching from the ‘wiseman’…first cache was called…’stay out of here if you’re not ready’..the clue was the cache was tied to a fishing line along the fence..after walking back and forth a few times…Doug found the first one..a little bit of blue poking out from behind the fence post…


with this one under our belts we loaded back into the jeep and headed towards the next one..’stranded’..this one was pretty easy for the expert geo-cacher in our company..he had the clue figured out in no time…


one more for old times sake..could we make it three for three.??…it was like looking for a needle in haystack..piles and piles of driftwood..and the micro cache remained hidden…



we tried to see if Tucker could sniff it out?..still no luck…this one was being very elusive..we even joked about the house facing the beach..thinking the person who hid this one probably lives there..and we are his form of entertainment this morning!…





two out of three caches today…we now have 30 written in our little book..

We dropped Gord and Juanita off at their rolling home..they needed to do a few chores to get ready for their departure tomorrow…

As we were leaving Pioneer RV park we noticed this truck..we had seen in the Safeway parking lot yesterday and wanted to get a picture of this Swiss  vehicle….no idea what the story is behind it..but it looked interesting..


We headed towards the Mount Erie lookout..the skies were clear and we were hoping for  some great panoramic shots..







the views were spectacular…if only some of the trees were not in the way..



we were heading out when we noticed another vantage point and discovered that there was an actual great spot to see the views…

We met a gentleman who wanted us to drive his vehicle down the mountain so he could fly down???..we said ‘no..we can’t drive a standard…’..what a trusting person to hand over the keys to his car?..but wait a sec..he said he was going to ‘fly down’???….




what would ever possess someone to jump off a perfectly good mountain???…


sometimes you ‘soar with the eagles’…but you may meet some great friends along the way….


We stopped to say our ‘so long..see you down the road to our friends’….we will miss them…but we will see you one day soon!!..thanks for a lovely few days..we are so glad we made the effort….safe travels to you as you head south towards your winter stop in Port Orford..we look forward to riding along…..

..time for some lunch…all those ‘so long’  hugs made us hungry…


as the afternoon was winding down..we headed back towards our little cottage..we arrived and the housekeeper is still busy cleaning our room..10 more minutes she we headed out again..for some more picture taking opportunities


there is a storm a brewin’ all the boats are coming into a  safe harbour..

more deer along the highway….’does this house make my butt look big?’


so as the sun sets on yet another day in Anacortes..we are waiting for the wind and the rain to arrive …we will stay inside….cozy and warm in our ‘happy pants’..

our last full day of this little getaway is over…..heading north tomorrow..back into our own country…and back to ‘work’ Sad smile..all good things must come to an end…

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...