Monday, November 29, 2010

so many blogs…*


So many blogs so little time..Andy…. came up with an idea to organize your reading list or even when searching for new and interesting blogs..and we all know there is a few of them out there in blog ville..……(my list  is getting longer and longer everyday…)


 If you are still in the waiting and planning stages add an  * after your title on your blog…..


if you are already one of the lucky full-timers that have are out on the road.. this doesn’t apply to you…

not trying to change the blogging world..only participate if you feel so inclined…


Our  * will be an addition to our blog  title for a while…

I have finally learned that the easiest way to read  all the blogs on my list …IMG_0048… sign into my blog account..go to my dashboard..and voila..there they all are.. ‘fresh off the keyboard’..…some days I can’t get through them all…but I try…working seems to get in the way of reading…


now for the comment score on my two posts from November 28th…Oliver (9)…Tucker (10) I am pleased to announce that the winner is “Tucker”..sorry PO..we are going to have to try harder next time…the ‘duffus’ wins this round.


Sunday, November 28, 2010



It was male-bonding day for Doug and Tucker..a day full of mud, snow, large puddles..and sticks and a swim???

The BC Jeep Club had their annual toy run…meeting place was the Tim Horton’s in Port Coquitlam and then they were heading towards Harrison Lake and the Sasquatch Inn in the Fraser Valley…


there was over 50 jeep participating..the driver missed his passenger and token photographer though…


Tucker wasn’t good with the camera??..


so there was lots of trying to drive and take pictures at the same time..


hey..what are those GMC trucks doing in the line up??..they wanted to play with the jeeps….


finally it was time for a swim..???


our crazy boy….does he not know that it is November..add this lake to your collection, Tucker…Harrison Lake…


time for some mud on the tires..are you crazy too???




a perfect day….heading out back to the pavement…



another weekend draws to a close…two tired boys…and our PO man is waiting to pounce! out Tucker.!!..that’s what you get for being gone all day!!..

I got eight comments! many are you going to get???

why do I always have to stay home??


gone are the days of heading out in the trailer…not that I liked it much..just a big box on wheels..with lots of places to hide and drive mom and dad crazy….here I am in my ‘pre-duffus life’..aren’t I beautiful!!??? young and innocent!!


now..I stay at home..guarding the house..while the big ‘blonde duffus’ gets to go on all the adventures…the blogs are all about him and his ‘adventures!..geez…


that’s fine..I will get him back when he gets home again..I will rest my ‘wheaties’….lie by the fireplace..mess up the bed with my beautiful white fur…just you wait ‘mister’…I rule the ‘roost’ here…



I will get you when you least expect it..attack your face….your paws..and your tail…I am the ‘boss’ of this’s drool and the I rule!!

that’s why they call me the ‘PO"..prince oliver..!!! I had better go get my beauty sleep…..

the stinky, wet duffus will be home soon!!!..gotta rest up…turn on the fireplace pleasseeee!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

to widget or not to widget??


It seems that my little white widget that I added to my blog has created a wee bit of a dilemma..

some think it is a bit too early in our plan to be counting down the days…yes the number is large..but what is deemed too large to start counting backwards?? 

I stole the idea from Harry and Jessica..

they had added  a countdown widget to their blog..counting down to  the day that they are going to buy their new home on wheels..I thought it would be a fun idea to use my earliest date that I can retire as our target date…

this is all in fun…yes, in the back of our minds we know it is a long way off…and we are okay with that….one adventure at a time for now will suffice…

yes, the plans are made of ‘jello’..but the dream is still there..we can only hope that it will all  fall into place once the timing is right..

‘have you ever tried to ‘ nail  jello to a tree?’..jello

well that is where our plan is at this time……


my blog is my online scrapbook….filled with what we do on a daily or weekly we are feeling?....sad or happy?..what we celebrate?…. the places we travel to?…and the friends we meet?…..and the pictures we take? is a daily adventure and…


for now it is filled with hopes and dreams…we know the reality of the situation…but please let us  count backwards for  now…we are counting slowly…and we are okay with that…

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our American blogging buddies..we hope you all have a great holiday filled with family, fun and great memories!..enjoy the turkey dinner and embrace your family if you are lucky enough to be spending this holiday with them!


Monday, November 22, 2010

five years ago…


In the spring of 1995 we had the pleasure of adopting a golden retriever..with her came a ‘belly full of rocks and the name Ledger’ (the “dad” was an account..hence the name)

The family we adopted her from felt they had no time for her…she dug, she was not allowed in house..they left her tied up in the backyard..and when they took her to the park..they threw rocks instead of a wasn’t that they didn’t love her?

They were a busy family with three  and dance class consumed their time for a two year old golden retriever…

Within a few months of us having her..she was inside house all the time..chasing the cat..and enjoying being inside with her new ‘family’.

She came everywhere with us…she didn’t like other dogs but loved people..she barked at every squirrel that she saw when we were camping…she was a ‘pain’ sometimes but we loved her dearly..

She adapted well…we moved eight times in her life..and she adjusted very well with each move…(yes, eight  times)  oh, my..I had never counted until now!!untitled

Fast forward to November 21st, 2005, Doug took her outside to do her  morning business…she went around the corner..her leg gave way…and she couldn’t walk…he carried her (all 70 pounds of golden fur)..around the block and back inside our condo…

Diagnosis?…bone cancer…We spent a very sad day…knowing that her time was up…so the next day, November 22nd, 2005..she made her trip to Rainbow Bridge…

ledger b

She paved the way for our beloved Tucker..we learned a lot from our first ‘girl’..gone but not forgotten..even after five years..I can still remember that it was yesterday…

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Digital picture frames?


Three years ago, for our anniversary Carlie gave us a digital picture frame…


We used it for a while and then I tucked it away  and forgot about it..that was until today..after some searching and thinking it was in a box downstairs in our storage locker..I found it in the end table drawer…

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it..I just didn’t know how to use today..was ‘learning curve day’…

It came with a 1gb  card..


…how much does that hold I asked myself??..who knows….megabytes..gigabytes ..megapixels.. all gibberish to me...there was already about 100 pictures loaded …so I created  a folder on my computer and loaded a bunch of photos…plugged the card in..transferred them and ‘voila’ pictures on the digital frame..Smile

I did this a few times..and there is still room on the card…you CAN teach an ‘old dawg’ a new trick…it is all a learning curve and I am rounding the bend!!

So now I am thinking ahead…at the end of this year I will purchase a 16gb card and load all my pictures from 2010 on the card…clean up the computer and start again for 2011…gone are the days of using  CD’s…the 16gb card should last for at least a couple of years I would hope….Smile

this was the view from the dock at Lafarge Lake in 2008….not to be today…


Now onto the weather…snow?..a few flakes..was about all we got..unlike picture taking opportunities for us…..just the mountains were dusted with snow…we are still green down by the lake..…the temperature is suppose to drop to –8 celcius….should be a bit chilly waiting at the bus stop tomorrow…better dress like ‘nanook of the north’..

Happy Sunday night everyone!!..another quiet weekend is done…..bring on Monday!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

why do they take the good ones??


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”…Ghandi

this past month has not been an easy one….first Bruce and Margie….

then a lady I work  with lost her only  daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend in a tragic car crash..such a senseless accident…..only a few blocks from their home..

Her mother  spoke with the local newspaper and this link is the story..

life is short…treasure each moment…some days are harder than others…


the sun will rise…it may be behind the gray skies of November…but we are just thankful to be able to ‘keep an eye on the prize’

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Blues??


The month of November is more than half over..thank goodness…it is our least favourite month of the year..why?

dark, rainy..did I mention dark and rainy..we leave for work in the dark..come home and it is dark within about 20 minutes of getting home…

We had a conversation the other day with regards to ‘how are you?’…I miss the sunshine..I miss having the time to take the dog to the park and do all the other things that need doing around here….there isn’t enough time in the day anymore..

This time of year there seems to be not much to look forward to …we are working for the weekends but then the weekend comes and so does the rain again… the ‘S’ word is in the forecast?? least if it snows there will be a picture taking opportunity…

AD 32869

So when someone asks ‘how are you?..I can fake it well and say ‘just fine thanks’ is not the truth but sometimes the truth is not what we all want to hear…how many times have you asked someone?..’how are you?..and not bothered to listen to the answer???

We can wish we were lying on a beach in Mexico…but that is not reality this year..maybe next year?…

MAYAKOBA_3 my blogging friends? are you???..happy?..sad..blah?..please we can commiserate together…

Monday, November 15, 2010

book ‘em, Dano


Reading is a favourite past time of mine..lost in the stories..picturing in my mind what the places and people look like…imagesCA5GW2RV

I love to buy books…mostly from the covers..and the feel of a new book ..hiding an adventure waiting to be read…


But buying books is not a reality when our plan is to hit the road..what to do with all the books..bring them along?


I remember reading Nellie’s blog and she posted this picture with all the books she was bringing on the road with her..

I knew deep down that this would not be allowed…


so I knew I would need a plan…I could…

..drop them in campgrounds when I am done and pick a new one?? …but my treasured books are my friends..


I couldn’t just leave them in a cold dark laundry room..


So I needed a new plan…

after reading blogs with regards to this issue..I decided I wanted an E-reader…do I go with a Kindle?

or maybe a Sony reader?


or maybe a kobo??


well…Santa came down the chimney early  this year…meet my new will hold (1000 books)..that is according to the salesman at I believe him?..we will have to see…..


so book ‘em dano…I am off to read my KOBO…as small as a paperback…and lightweight too…I am all set in the book department now!!!

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...