Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boys day out….


four wheel drive was on the ‘boys agenda’ today…


destination…Davis Lake..northeast of Mission, BC…


Tucker went along for the ride…


and his purpose was to find the perfect log…mud on his ‘tires’ too…


the views were amazing..waterfalls and raging rivers…


just a bit of mud on the tires….



the boys had a great day on the gravel roads…me?..what did I do???

What I wanted to do!! my blog roll, did some laundry,  cleaned up a few closets..mailed a pair of mittens to sunny California…Smile

so as the weekend draws to a close…it was a productive one..all the laundry is done, ironing complete, house is clean,  lunches are ready, dinner is over and the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher…

so this ‘boring, organized  gal’ is happy..nice to start the work week off on the right foot..instead of the usual left one…


  1. Sounds great all around ~ well, except for the ironing!

    Here's a recommendation:
    Ouray, CO
    jeeping capitol of the world! many 13,000 ft. passes to jeep over; in July the wildflowers will blow you away!!!!!

    We've done them several times! We'll even meet ya there!

    Had any of those Cheerios yet?

  2. The boys got some great pictures today. I guess since he had the camera you couldn't get pictures of your laundry, ironing, cleaning, and lunches. But that's okay, someone has to stay home and do all the work. Have a great, organized week at work!

  3. Beautiful raw scenery Sue. Sometime I would like to visit your part of the world.


  4. Looks like a great Jeeping day. One nice thing about Jeeping here in the southwest is the fact there is very little water anywhere so instead of the Jeep getting muddy it just gets dusty:))

  5. Boring and organized sounds like a good way to start a new week. Really nice photos from the 4-wheeling trip.

  6. Boring chores out of the way means more time for fun later ... one of these days, I need to get around to finishing up my ironing ... but not today.

  7. Looks like the boys had a good time, great jeep pictures. The boring chores of housework guess someone has to do them but now that they are done you can relax.

    Have a good week.

  8. Woo hoo! I'll be watching our mailbox waiting for those mittens. I wonder what folks here will say if I walk around wearing them in 85F sunshine??

    Looks like a great 'boys day out' with their Jeeps.

  9. Canada is one beautiful country... We loved it when we visited this past summer. Tucker is so darn cute carrying that HUGE log... LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. Great day out, makes me wish I had a 4WD vehicle.

  11. I really miss 4x4ing! I used to do it a lot when I was younger and always had so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pics, looks like they had an excellent time! Tucker too!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  12. Today must have been the day for organization and boring stuff...I cleaned all my kitchen cabinets,mobing some stuff so I could reach it easier...I'm a little short on one end...I also did laundry and ironed pillow cases..Not sure why I do that except that my mom did it...
    Let's get on our happy pants, a glass of wine and sit by the fire.....I'll raise a glass to ya!!!

  13. Just want to say to Donna..I iron my pillow cases to!..does that make us weird?

  14. NO WAY!! You iron your pillow cases?!?!?! WOMAN! That's nuts! Do you iron your dollar bills too?? :) I also want to add that I would have wanted to hang out with the boys today. Housework is my kriptonite!

  15. Hi Sue, Thanks again for following my blogs - A Camp Host's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics. I do appreciate your support. I love the four-wheel adventure! Gorgeous out there and how else would one get out into it. And I like the way you got everything taken care of at home and how you feel ready for the week. I know the feeling totally. I hope you are having a very good week. Stay safe and have fun too!

  16. PS: I missed your contest 'cause I was away with the grandsons and didn't look at the computer for a whole weekend. Yes, I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. ;c)

  17. Tucker reminds me of our dog, Pepper.
    We would take him to Lake Michigan to go swimming and he would bring us driftwood. I still have some of that driftwood.


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