Saturday, January 1, 2011

A frosty reflection…


a day of first’s…my first vanilla steamed milk with caramel on top.served in my favourite Tim Horton’s mug...made by my wonderful husband..

our first walk on the dyke in Pitt Meadows..



a day filled with reflections..


and a group of neighbours burning their Christmas trees..



our fine looking boy..waiting for the ball to be thrown…and Doug wearing his four layers of clothes…a bit cold is it???






and the last first of all know what it is…


yes..a swim for the ‘crazy golden’..he made his own ‘polar bear swim’ for New Year’s Day…



so as our day of ‘frosty reflections’ draws to a close..the remnants of Christmas have been stowed away until it is time to unpack them again…the house is back to some sense of normal…

my  motto for the new year..

“Think positive, be happy, let the Universe do the rest.

Life can be hurtful, and not always fair.
Life can surround you, with people who care.
Life clearly does offer, its ups and its downs.
Life's days can bring you, both smiles and frowns.
Life teaches us to take, the good with the bad.
Life is a mixture, of happy and sad.


Take the life that you have, and give it your best.
Think positive, be happy, let the Universe do the rest.
Take the challenges, that life has laid at your feet.
Take pride and be thankful, for each one you meet.
To yourself give forgiveness, if you stumble and fall.
Take each day that is dealt you, and give it your all.

Take the love that you're given, and return it with care.
Have faith that when needed, it will always be there.
Take time to find the beauty, in the things that you see.
Take life's simple pleasures, let them set your heart free.”


  1. That's a lovely motto. As to your photos today, you set a very high standard for the rest of the year!

  2. Gorgeous pics tonight! That Tucker is surely a retiever and must have some Viking blood in him to take that little swim.

    Don't know if you wrote that motto or not, but it's the way I try to live my life. :)

  3. After turning 50 and looking back at the good, bads and tragedies in my life, I decided it was time to savour what I had not what I didn't. It's changed many things in my life and I know it's only going to get better!
    Happy new year my dear friends, love ya!!

  4. Your pictures could be postcards, they're so beautiful!

  5. Great little poem; thanks for sharing it. You had a gorgeous day for the first day of the new year ... mother nature warmed things up for us, but didn't give us the sunshine and blue skies ... not that we paid any attention ... we still went out and enjoyed ourselves.

  6. You have some stunning scenery pictures. Better yet, puppy dogs photos too. With a good doggy friend and your motto, I think you are set for 2011.


  7. Great to see you guys had such a great day,Tucker sure enjoyed himself, even a swim, Hope your New Year is profitable for you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. Nice reflections indeed. Try throwing a stone into the quiet water next time for a nice ripple effect on the pond as well.

  9. Most awesome photography today my friend! And plan for the new year...

    Your "cold" day was much splendidly set than ours ~ we began our tote out, finally! It's a tad bit more overwhelming to consider when it's for a year instead of a couple of months =/ ...

    I also began my reply to you :) did your poem mention patience...?

  10. Great blog today, I love your motto, and I may take it for my own! It's a great poem. Your photos are beautiful. Happy New Year to you both, and your furry boy from Me and My Dog, Katie!

  11. That is a beautiful motto, and the pictures today are just breath-taking.

    Thanks for your comment, and we are indeed wanting to meet Gordon and Juanita. They do seem like the best of the best.

    Stay safe.. :)

  12. Great pictures today and I now need to get another coffee.


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