Friday, January 14, 2011

pay it forward…


Imitation is the best form of flattery…so since I was a winner of a blog contest..I am going to pay it forward…and have a contest of my own…

Can you guess where this is?..if you have been reading our blog you know we haven’t ventured too far …no wild and crazy trips across the world…



This is the view….high atop???



Doug thinks this will be too difficult?..please prove him can figure it out!..the first reader  to guess correctly?…is the lucky winner of a brand new  pair if these…


be the first in your campground to be sporting these patriotic Canadian Olympic mittens!..( that is unless, of course  you are in the same Rv park as Paul and Mary or  Gordon  and Juanita..cause they already got theirs..Santa sent them all  a pair..)


  1. If I get that right & win the mittens, I'm gonna pee my pants! Just warning yous both :)

  2. Correct Province..not Whistler, though..sorry, are going to have to try harder!

  3. My guess is somewhere in the Okanagan Valley because that kinda looks like Okanagan Lake down there to me. The lone pine & Moosehead might have something to do with it. Glasses on table in last pic might suggest wine country....Okanagan. Town in Valley could be Vernon or Kelowna or maybe Penticton. Is there a town called, LonePineMooseHeadCedarDeckWineGlass or LPMHCDWG...B.C.?? :))

  4. Moose Mountain,,,,,,,it sure is pretty!! I was gona say Mount Rushmore! As you can tell, I don't know what in the blazes I'm talking about!! LOL
    I've never been in Canada,,,,not in my 76 years. I should go, but I'm an old cowboy and cop. I don't give up my guns for nothin!!

  5. I have no idea where that is ... but I like the view anyway.

  6. I thought maybe the prize was going to be that slow moving box of chocolate Cheerios. You know, like one of those chain letters from years ago! :)

    Nice mittens, but I've been hoping not to need them. :)

  7. I got all excited about the contest, then discovered we're already winners! I can vouch for the mitts. They're mighty nice and are quite the conversation starter. Thanks to our Canadian friends we have more Canadian friends!

    Now, where did I see that groovy moose rock picture????????????

  8. warm guess, Al..but there is not a town in the Okanagan named... LonePineMooseHeadCedarDeckWineGlass..keep trying..use the hints and your resources.

  9. Mike..sorry you wont give up your guns!..Canada is a beautiful country!..there are a couple of the comments.

  10. Donna..Banff?..right country wrong province
    Erin..yes it is a lovely view..not too high but high enough to see the area.
    Use the hints..and your can figure it out!..the mitts are waiting for a new pair of hands to warm.

  11. How about Kooteney Lake?

  12. How about Penticton - perhaps Lost Moose Lodge?

  13. Canada?....LOL.....I have no idea.

  14. and not even 12 hours after posting this contest!..we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I have no ide, but it is fun to read the moments.

  16. bummer...I'm just now getting to read the blog....

    I wonder why Rick's blog says "Rick and Paulette" and Paulette's blog only says "Paulette"???


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