Sunday, January 2, 2011

the ripple effect…


We tried for the ‘ripple effect’ today but there was a frozen lid on the lake…no that is not Tucker in my panoramic shot..just a big ‘bull mastiff’..who is wondering-‘Does this lake make my butt look big???’


now how did that happen?..maybe it had  something to do with the  -5 celcius temperature this morning..??pano-1



the birds we just sitting around on the frozen top??..recovering from their New Year’s celebrations?..



our afternoon was spent indoors..warm and cozy by the gas fireplace…trying to prepare for the week ahead..mentally and physically..

onwards to another year…next long weekend..not till Easter..but we will try not to think about how far away that is…

a new year..a new look ..’square’ pictures this year..and a new ‘watermark’.


  1. Nice pictures, but a dire hard photographer would have found a way to over come the hard lid on the lake. What's a little ice to a photographer. I will await Al's input.

  2. Great pictures! I hope you have a wonderful new year and it warms up soon!

    For us, 88 days and counting until our first campaing trip, leaking RV or fixed, we are going!


  3. I can totally identify with the Bull Mastiff...Hey...take one day at a time...If you need me to talk you off the ledge..just email...YOUR DREAM WILL COME TRUE!!!!!

  4. Beautiful pics. Hey don't ya wonder sometimes about them birds? If I had wings I'm sure I'd fly somewhere warmer! Did they stay or are they passin thru??? If they stay, why are they so much DUMBER than all the other birds that go South? Maybe they got family here, roots, a mortgage, grandkids, etc.

  5. I love the header pic! That just looks too cold for me these days. :)

  6. Love those Tucker pictures, he reminds us so much of our Golden, Cutter. We still miss him.

    Stay warm, do degrees of Celsius feel colder than degrees of Fahrenheit? ;c)

  7. Beautiful lake picture! Easter will be here before you know.

    Keep warm in the meantime.

  8. I can see myself sitting on that bench and thinking of retirement ... cold weather or not!

  9. The colours in your scenic shots are always so perfect. I am having quite the time with the setting to get good colour although my polaring filter is helping a great deal!

  10. Like the others have said, beautiful pictures. Wow, -5C, that's cold!!

  11. I like your new look guys! Great way to start the year! Your header photo is great. I go to work tomorrow as a campground host and John goes to his job. I must say that I got spoiled over the previous month of not working. So I am not looking so forward to working tomorrow myself! Have a very great week.
    A Camp Host's Meanderings & Levonne's Pretty Pics

  12. Looking at your photos this morning I had to go put my coat on. And how to get that ice off the pond's surface? Wait for Spring or........Dynamite:))

  13. -5 C!!!! I thought you lived in Canada, not Antarctica!! How do you do it?!?!


  14. Tucker looks dashing as always... Wonderful photos and don't worry time flies....
    Happy New Year
    Travel Safely

  15. Tried to make a comment on your new post about poor diarrhea stricken Tucker, but there's some kind of glitch. The comment box never shows up! So I thought I'd test to see if I can comment here. See how scientific I can be! I bet you never knew I could be so methodical. E=MC2 Smart too! :)



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