Sunday, January 9, 2011

you can lead a dog to water but….


As the sun rose on our little corner of Coquitlam…what is that blazing orb in the sky????



the snow on the mountains…..a run in Mundy  Park for our ‘golden boy’..a brisk morning…the temperature?..a balmy zero degrees celcius..

with breakfast done…we headed west…towards the ocean…and Stanley Park…


what is Stanley Park you ask?…

It is one of the greatest parks in the world..Vancouver’s first park..on the edge of the downtown core..1000 acres of west coast perfection...majestic views, a seawall that surrounds the entire park, cedar and hemlock trees well as bird and animal life….

The seawall is 22 kilometers(13.7 miles) of walking, cycling, jogging and inline skating perfection.  This park is a must see for all visitors to the Vancouver area.

Our first stop today was Coal the background is Canada Place…



there is lots of construction..Doug made his own parking space for this stop…onwards to our next  stop…Brockton Point..under construction...?? pictures there…



from left to right..West Vancouver, Grouse Mountain and North Vancouver


the Lion’s Gate Bridge…connects the city of Vancouver to West Vancouver…

Prospect Point…in the winter of 2006 there was  wind storm that hit the west side of the park…falling trees by the hundreds…the view changed forever….the seawall was damaged but finally repaired.and new trees were planted thanks to generous donations..but the park lives on…I wonder if a tree falls in the forest..does it make a noise if no one is there to hear it??IMG_5082



the view from Prospect Point …looking towards Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver…and the Lions’ Gate Bridge..close up and personal…





We continued circling the park..and we parked the jeep at ‘Third Beach’..’Finally, now I can go swimming!’…or so he thinks…the view from the stairs heading to the seawall…a little piece of ‘Tucker Heaven’…



that is of course until we read this sign…’hey, Tucker? you have $2000 to spare?..NO?..oh well, no swimming for you!!’

pano-5 far as the eye could see..the temptation..wonder if he is hurting his brain..trying hard to be a good boy??


poor little boy..just have to walk like a gentleman..and hope that maybe there will be an opportunity to romp on the beach and chase the birds and the waves…





even the swimming pool..empty as it was ..had a no trespassing sign and yet another $2000 fine attached..this was not looking good ..if only our ‘boy’ knew how to read…



sitting on the bench..watching the people go by..admiring the view..and teaching Tucker some ‘patience’


We were told by a man taking pictures that this bird is called an ‘oyster catcher’?? bird with big long red beak??..anyone out there in blog ville heard of one?



I finally let Doug have a chance at the camera..


this was his one and only shot today!..he spotted the bird on the rock through the ‘five hole’ of the tree stump!


as we rounded the last corner…we spotted some ‘rich people’ on the beach…I guess they had some extra cash in their’s running amuck..Tucker was thinking “me too please!'”..sorry big guy..not at this beach…


my one attempt at a close is hard to take these shots..wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat!..should have worn my regular glasses!!

We said ‘so long’ to Stanley Park…heading east towards home..and the tasks of getting ready for work!…

heading through downtown Vancouver..we noticed a ‘Florida license plate’..wondering if they have a blog??


so as we both reflect on the way home..we are thankful that we live in such a beautiful area..only a short trip from home and we can look at the water and meander the along the Stanley Park seawall..another blog worthy day trip…


we hope everyone had a great weekend..onward to another work week…

cost of this little day  trip…

$5 to park

gas for the jeep $10

a lesson can take Tucker to the beach..and he  he will resist the temptation!

a day worth sharing..



  1. That is in fact an Oyster Catcher and I would love to see one!!

  2. Thanks for the tour of Stanley Park. We've only been there once but we would like to visit again. Dave got a hole-in-one at the golf course there and has a certificate to prove it!

  3. Beautiful pics of a beautiful park! Looked like a nice day too!

  4. Stanley Park! Just added it to "The List" Thanks for the tour. Tucker looks mighty handsome! Hope he's feeling better now!


  5. Beautiful area. I've only been as far as Seattle, but the Northwest is one of my favorite places.

  6. Poor Tucker, Rigg's would have set his fur on fire to get in the water. Maybe next time boy, Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  7. Thanks for bringing back memories of Stanley Park ... it's been way too many years since we visited the area.

  8. My daughter Sarah lives on Union St. ( near Chinatown) Vancouver and my other daughter Rebecca is moving there from Andora ( next to Spain ) in Feb. So I hope to spend some time out there at some point.
    It truely is a beautiful area. The weather looked pretty good for your daytrip.

  9. Your pictures are stunning!! We are so lucky to live in Paradise!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. You know I've heard of an Oyster Catcher! :) What a great park!

  11. Yes... It is one of the worlds most beautiful parks and we love it!! Also Grouse Mountain and Vancover... Sorry Tucker didn't get to romp in the water but I know he understood... ok maybe NOT! Wish we'd been with you ☺
    Have fun & Travel Safe
    Donna & Ralph

  12. Poor Tucker. They let that dirty ole' bird swim without a fine. I smell speciesism.

  13. I remember being to Stanley Park one time in the early 70's but my recollections are now hazy. Only way to rectify that is to return again. Kelly's daughter lives in Vancouver so if we ever get some time during the summer months we would like to head back to BC. You had some real nice pics today:))

  14. I think that bird swimming was giving Tucker the "bird".....Vancouver is on our list of places to see...Keep your happy pants ready...

  15. Good boy, Tucker!

    Yes, there would be a sound when the tree fell, because all it's brother trees would sigh in sadness at the passing of their fellow living spirit...

    great pictures and story of your day in a beautiful spot! we too have photo's of the oyster catcher taken on San Juan Island at an Oyster Farm! We had taken the ferry over from Anacortes for the day!

  16. Thanks for the tour of Stanley Park, what a beautiful place!

  17. I forgot to mention that I particularly enjoyed the star effect of the sun on your photo's... do you have a filter for that?

  18. I love Stanley Park and haven't been there in a long time. For some reason I get lost every time I drive up to Vancouver so I haven't been up there for a long time. Of course, I did live in Arizona for 10 years and it would have been a heck of a commute from there. Great pictures.

  19. I have been through Vancouver, but never to that park...Next time for sure! What a great looking place! Tucker is quite a fur kid to be able to resist that water when asked! Hope you gave him lots of treats!

    Beautiful pics!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  20. Great picture tour - thanks! Day tours help keep the 'itch' under control, until we can be added to the ranks of full timers!

  21. Beautiful place - I feel sorry for Tucker, though....


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