Sunday, February 13, 2011

heading north…


This is my first time doing an entry from the ‘shotgun’ seat of the jeep…

We are heading north on the I-5 towards the land of red and white….Canada…and our life in Coquitlam..

We had a leisurely morning….heading out towards Fall City and the famous ‘oatmeal blueberry pancakes’..

With Linda behind the wheel of ‘Ace Yukon’ we drove to Fall City…through the area that Steven loves to photograph..the farmland of Carnation…


Our destination was suppose to be a little diner in Fall City but due to some unforseen circumstances it was closed…

Next best thing was the Fall City Roadhouse…IMG_5496


after we indulged in our ‘breakfast’…eggs all round and one plate of buttermilk pancakes..our next stop was


the view of the falls was spectacular…IMG_5500

as the mist started to clear ..the raging torrent of water became more visible..




the token tourist shots…



we meandered up the stairs towards the Salish Lodge and the beautiful gift shop..filled to the brim with all types of lotions, potions, blankets, t-shirts, hats and photographs..


no credit cards were removed for the benefit of the Salish Lodge…we just did some browsing..and touching all the lovely fabrics…

As the  weekend was coming to an end..we knew it was time for us the say ‘see you down the road’ to our new found friends!..

So long Linda and Steven..many thanks for sharing your  beautiful home and being  so welcoming….we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you both….


enjoy the ‘Canadian Olympic  gift’…till we meet again…



  1. you're pretty talented! blogging on the fly!

    waterfall looks the same~I somehow missed that gift shop! yet another reason...

    love your friends sign!

  2. Nothing like a day spent with friends, food and fun!! Gorgeous pictures!! Take care and welcome home!

  3. I've never been to Snoqualmie Falls--I had better put that on my "to do" list. I'm sure your hosts will be able to make good use of their Canadian maple leaf mittens! :)

  4. A great get away weekend you had there! :)

  5. I'm sure your friends appreciated the Olympic Mittens every bit as much as I did - great gift!

    Terrific photos of the Snoqualmie Falls - we've never been there but will have to put it on our list now!

  6. Looks like a fun trip and nice pictures of the falls.

  7. There is something about the roar of a waterfall that is magical..Thanks for the great pictures of it...I could hear it thundering over the rocks into the pool below it..

  8. You just have a nack for finding good things to take pictures of. Can't wait till your out on the road again.

  9. Hey, what's up with all that green? You live in the Great White North and we got all your snow down here! :c(

  10. How on earth did we miss those falls when we were living in Tacoma? Hmmm ... will definitely have to check them out when we go back in out motor home. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend getaway.

  11. Great pictures of the falls and I love that sign!! We will have to add those falls to our list of places to see.


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