Saturday, February 12, 2011

I go where I am ‘towed’



our weekend adventure began with the border crossing at Peace Arch in Blaine, Washington…


Where do you  live?


Where are you going?


what are you doing there?

visiting friends and going to the RV show.

Is this your vehicle?


When are you coming back?

Sunday afternoon.

You aren’t going tow much of an RV with this vehicle? will be towed behind an RV… you go ..have a nice day!

First stop after the interesting questions was the Walmart at Tulalip…what did we buy?

2 pay and talk cell phones…$14 each..not a bad deal…our first step in our longer visits the USA…

onwards to the house by the lake….



...dinner, wine and meeting old friends …the class of 2014….

Friday night is done..we are all tucked in our lovely guest room..onwards to tomorrow adventures…

Saturday our plans are to head to downtown Seattle and the RV show at Qwest field…





we spent a few hours kicking some tires..sitting on a few couches…and imagining life in an RV…


Steven and Linda looking mighty comfy in the lazy boy chairs in this great home on wheels…


then there was this one..with the rear entertainment center..we all liked this model..

there was a few used models..that were not too bad..could be workable…did we buy find our dream RV…no not this time..but it was fun to dream…


next stop on our tour of Seattle was  Pike Place Market..






then..there was ‘gum alley’…pretty disgusting  in a weird sort of way….Smile


Washington State…this was the first ever Starbucks coffee shop…lots of street entertainment…



We headed to an Irish pub for a lunch…hungry from all that RV looking….





one last stop before we headed home was Beecher’s Cheese..



as we were heading back to the house on Pine Lake..there was a storm  a brewing…the rain was starting..the wind was blowing…whitecaps on the water….onwards to another great evening!!..


  1. Wow!! You are having WAY too much fun!! And such lovely accommodations!! That bedroom is fit for any Canadian stopping by!! Love the red and white!! Take care!

  2. I absolutely love all your pictures today!! Totally makes me anxious for MY part of our year adventure! Been there/done that~WANT to do it again!!!!! Plus other stuff!

    Keep having fun!

  3. It seems some of the questions that we are asked at border crossing are silly. Guess they have to ask us something.

    Looks like there were alot of RV's under that roof.

    Thanks for the tour of Seattle.

  4. Great post! Wow! What a lot of RV's packed into Qwest field, where do you start and how did you remember what models you'd been in? Must have been a lot of neat stuff to see.

    Thanks for the tour and pics of Pike St. Market too - another one of my fav places.

    Hope your crossing back into 'our home and native land' is as smooth as crossing into the USA.

  5. I've been to Seattle a couple of times and have enjoyed it a great deal.

  6. Looks like you had a great day; that RV show is like the first one we went to where we saw the Phaeton model for the first time and fell in love with it. We didn't buy at the show, though, opting for a gently used one later.

    Thanks for taking me back to Seattle virtually. I can't believe we've not been back to the area since we moved away in 1983. We're looking forward to someday revisiting all of the places you visited ... although I think I'll skip gum alley.

  7. Our stress levels rise every time we have to cross the border, coming or going. Never know what question is coming next. Been a long time since we have been to an RV show but they did give us ideas & direction in our pre RV days. Liked the colors in the food & flowers pics.

  8. What fun! One note to remember when looking for your dream RV--where do you sit and where is the TV--most RV manufacturers don't think about that and you have to crane your neck around to see the TV as in our current motorhome--thus, we moved it! It is so much fun to look and dream and your accommodations for the weekend are great!

  9. I think the border crossings are a hoot! When we went to Canada, they kept drilling us on gun ownership and whether or not we had guns with us. They seemed to be shocked that we were from Tennessee in an RV without a gun! I love Seattle and Pike's Market. And, I love the Adventurer.

  10. I feel the same, although they aee a necessary thing in today's society the majority of the people going through good law abiding people and don't have guns, But we Americans can blame ourselves because we have developed a wild west reputation for gun ownership and so the Canadian border people dwell on that. I had a Fraternal Order of Police decal on my windshield and the first thing the girl at the border asked, was Are you a cop, do you have any weopons in your truck or trailer. Before I could say no, My brother said were both cops and we were smart enough to leave our toys at home. I thought for sure we would be directed over to the right for a search, but she just smiled and said okay go ahead. I told my brother after we left to keep his mouth shut with the cute stuff at the borders. Hope you guys enjoy your stay in the states, I know a guy named Tucker who is anxiously awaiting your return. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  11. What, you still had energy left after the RV show? ;) We always find the shows exhausting. Lots of great things to see and do in Seattle!

  12. Not sure why, but I always get nervous crossing inoto another country...I'm putting Seattle on my "do it, dammit" list..I have seen Pike's Market on the Food Network...gotta go there...Have fun!!...Oh,and we LOVE RV shows, too!!

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time - And you managed to find something I had never heard of - Gum Alley! Wow! I really want to go - looks like a great photo op.

  14. I hope you at least narrowed down your choice of RV. Maybe one with wheels?

    Terrific pictures, too. Did you declare them when you recrossed the border? ;c)


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