Friday, February 11, 2011

the meeting of the class of 2014

Where is this meeting taking place?…Washington State…a three hour drive from our house to ….

Fullscreen capture 06022011 83735 PM

the home of Steven and Linda…


this lovely photo was taken in July 2010..when we stopped by to meet them on our way down the Oregon Coast…

The reason for the  meeting???….our first visit was under a major time restraint and we are looking forward to having a relaxing visit with the other two members of the class of 2014..

the RV show in Seattle is on the agenda…...kicking some tires… slamming some doors…we can hardly wait to see the American version of the RV Superbowl!…

So as we head south….we are thinking of the good times ahead…some photo taking opportunities…and a blog worthy weekend…

We will relax..drink some wine and make some memories…and maybe find the Rv of our dreams!



  1. Didn't catch when you are going, but I know you will have a great time, Hope Tucker can go too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Nothing's better than looking at a whole bunch of RV's when you are going to be in the market for one. Let's hope you spot that 'perfect' match. Have fun!

  3. So, so jealous. Hugs to y'all from deep in the heart of Texas. Have fun!

  4. I hope you find the RV of your dreams!! It's fun to go in and "yeah or nay" RVs....but when you find the perfect 'one' you'll know... the violins start playing! Have fun!!

  5. Sorry we won't be able to meet up with you while you are in our fair state, but we are still hanging out at Pismo Beach for another week. Have fun with your friends at dreaming at the RV show!

  6. Have a great trip, and hope you find your dream RV.

  7. go forth and conquer!

    most of all~have fun!!!

  8. I really enjoy going to RV shows. Someday we will be just a bit closer and we can look for real!

  9. Sounds like great fun you're heading towards! Makes me want to go to an RV show! Stay safe...


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