Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather talk….


The blogging world today seems to be filled with talk of the weather..wind,sun , snow, blizzards, thunder and lightning…here where we are…??..nothing nearly as interesting as that…

Fullscreen capture 01022011 92334 PM

no shovelling will be necessary..no snow blowers…no shorts, sandals, bathing suits, chairs by the pool..or a campfire in the desert......just an umbrella will be the accessory of choice…


lucky us……onwards to the month of February…

“life is too short to be anything but happy…falling down is part of life..getting back up is Living!!”


  1. You post the best quotes, Sue. Today's is so true. Here's to uneventful and unspectacular weather!

  2. Love your header photo! Yes the wx here at home in northern NY at this moment might be better suited for a Penguin rather than people. I think we have been fortunate though regarding this latest winter storm, I believe people in the mid west have had to deal with much more snow than we are currently receiving. I have to remind myself to count my blessings!


  3. We lucked out this week ... the temps warmed up just enough to keep us above freezing, so the freezing rain and ice that was forecasted turned out to be just rain ... I'll take liquid sunshine over its alternatives anytime of the day.

  4. I think there are probably lots of folks falling down right now with all the slippery ice & snow on the ground. Getting back up is absolutely necessary because this morning the 'Groundhog' says Spring is right around the corner. Don't want to be down when things are starting to look 'Up.' Well, that's my take on it today:))

  5. Fun post... I loved it! We are having somewhat great weather too but a little rain is in our near future. Better then SNOW!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe my friend!

  6. McGuyver just got done shoveling the snow from our back door..we couldn't open it. Blizzard warnings all came to fruition...People were stranded on Lake Shore Drive right in downtown Chicago ALL night!!! Unbelievable..Oh, and we had thundersnow too...lightening and thunder in the midst of a blizzard...DON'T FOOL WITH MOTHER NATURE!

  7. We feel pretty lucky here with all the sunshine and warm temperatures. Better yet, when we eventually head home, we'll be looking at our second summer of the year - see what you have to look forward to!

    Stay dry up there!

  8. A walk in the rain sounds good to me...mind you the sun is shining here! Get the umbrella out and enjoy!!

  9. and it's all because of global warming? hard to swallow that sometimes!

    i see i now have mr. doug as a follower!!! i may break 30 some day! lol thanks for signing on sir!

    don't forget your galoshes!

  10. No falling down here, but thought we might have to swim for it last night :)

  11. I am the oddball who loves the cold and snow of winter and the hot sun of summer so I'm really looking forward to moving where we'll get both!

  12. I like your post today! Sounds comfy and homey!

  13. Currently -7.2C here. But, it could be worse. Much worse!
    Days like this are what quilts and sweaters are for. Right?
    Stay dry, friend!


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