Sunday, February 20, 2011

a weekend recap…

The weather this weekend was picture perfect…blue sky..not a cloud in sight…but this perfect weekend was filled with the ‘moving of our daughter’….


on Saturday we were so busy getting things organized that there was no real time to enjoy the view…the photos above are from her old apartment..only a few blocks from us..7th floor with a ‘downtown kind of view’..lots of apartment towers and city lights…where is she going???…a side suite in Maple Ridge..a new subdivision not far from the Golden Ears Bridge…

One of the moving men called it a ‘Fonzie suite’…remember Fonzie from Happy Days…he lived in a room above the garage at Richie Cunningham’s house…

Fonziegarage apartment

of course, her new suite is much nicer than Fonzie’s ever was…but once the mover’s left this is what we had to deal with..a ‘big ole mess’

2011-02-20-1850-171within a few hours  she was ‘kicking us out’ but by the time we left it was pretty well all set up…

2011-02-20-1850-172yes, we all work very quickly…when we ‘left’ all that was left to do was hang some pictures…and put a few things away…I went back today to see how she was doing and all the pictures were hung up…it was like she had been there for a week already!..she has been taught well,  to get things done and over with…never mind living out of boxes for weeks on end….

This suite is  much smaller than her previous apartment but cozy…Carlie seemed happy so that makes me happy!..  ..

The balance of the weekend was spent doing housework, laundry and grocery shopping…see, I told you it was not very interesting!..onwards to another work week…have a good one everybody!..

sure hope I win the prize on Rick and Paulette’s blog today!!!..a girl can dream!!


  1. Wow, you guys sure got things put to right quickly!

  2. I can't believe the first picture and the second picture were taken in the same place!! How cute is this apartment!! You must have worked your butt off!!
    Ohhh and dreams do come true!! Just sayin'!
    Take care!

  3. You guys are excellent moving assistants. Good luck to Carlie in her new suite--she's off to a great start!

  4. nice place; smaller means more time to enjoy doing fun stuff and not spending all her free time doing housework ... that's a good thing.

  5. In my younger days I could almost have a whole 3 bedroom house unpacked in one weekend--glad to hear all went well with the move--better check out Rick's blog!

  6. Look's like you wished upon a star, you got your wish, The suite looks great for a young person starting out, hope she enjots it. Be safe out there , Sam & Donna.

  7. Nothing wrong with small & cozy. Have always preferred that. Easy to remain organized as long as one is inclined to be so:))

  8. The new place looks down right homie..and way to go on winning Rick's contest.

  9. We are on call to help our daughter move in about 5 weeks...but that will be a much bigger move...into a 4 bedroom, 3000 square foot house...Me??, I would like to downsize our home into something smaller...We only have 1800 square feet...I much prefer the Hiker...
    Your daughter's place is adorable...much more to my liking..and she has an eye for decorating...

  10. Wow, that apartment is cute enough to be on the Nate Burkus Show! Adorable!

  11. Looks like a cute little place and if she is happy that is all that matters...Right??? So congrats on winning the Microsoft S&T! That's our very favorite GPS & trip planning program... of course now I have to buy it since I didn't win LOL LOL. We buy it every year to make sure we have the latest updates on highways & streets.
    Have fun & travel safe

  12. A great and cozy looking place. I am sure she appreciates all of your help.

  13. I had to go back and reread your post as I was pretty sure you had said that you "hope to win" and I was right. Your friends have jumped the gun to congratulate you, maybe they know something!?

    Carlie's place looks great!!

  14. You're a winner again! I'm sure you'll get better use out of the software than you did with the Chocolate Cheerios!


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