Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad moon rising!?


I headed out last night for a stroll around Lafarge  lake with Tucker in tow…and the camera around my neck… in search of the ' super moon’…


the skies were clear..would have been perfect if only the moon would rise above the mountains over the lake…





there was lots of ducks..but no ‘super moon’..we never even came close to seeing it…it was further east than I was able to get to on my walk…maybe next time??

Our Sunday afternoon walk was just a few miles from our house to the dyke area near the Pitt Meadows bridge…


panopano-1well, Tucker looked like such handsome boy before we left..note the mud and the muck…he is ‘licking his chops’ in anticipation…IMG_5593pano-2


IMG_5604 least he is consistent..where there is water..Tucker will be..his first swim of the Spring season..many more to come…



so as the sun sets on the first weekend of Spring 2011…we had our ‘happy hour snack’ on the sun deck….first one this year..the sun was may not be warm but it was warm enough! as the sun sets on this first weekend of Spring we know that the warmer days are coming…


  1. Tucker is one dirty boy after his mud bath.Annie does the same when she see anything wet.

  2. Sorry you didn't get to see that huge moon. We had a good view off our sunroom/porch. We didn't get a good picture but it was edged into our minds. LOL

    Looks like Tucker really enjoyed his first swim of the season. :-) What a happy boy!!

  3. Doesn't Tucker make you happy with his romping?! Makes me smile. That's happiness. Happy first day of Spring!!

  4. We had a moon but it sure didn't look "super". You can just see the smile on Tucker's face while he's romping. My girls would no more romp through water than fly.

  5. Seeing Tucker makes me miss my two old yellow lab girls. Lost them both to cancers. They loved the water.

  6. Too bad about the moon but we could see the moon here last night and it didn't look much different than normal.

    Tucker always seems to have fun no matter what!

  7. Well it sounds like you got rid of the rain just in time for spring. But the muck and puddles tell me it didn't stop raining too long ago!

  8. We had the perfect view of the moon from our deck. It was so big and bright it really lit up the sky!

  9. We saw the moon this weekend but I couldn't really tell that it looked bigger - maybe a little brighter. I wouldn't have noticed anything if there hadn't been so many stories about it in the news.

  10. Awww yes, those first early Spring days when one begins to feel a little warmth in the Sun again. Always so encouraging & invigorating after a long cold winter. I remember those March days well when any excuse to get outside was a good excuse indeed. Gotta love those early Spring days:))

  11. Can't show Rigg's Tuckers picture, he so wants to go and get a spring swim in himself, Maybe in a couple of weeks, noe they saying more snow next week, 80 degrees yesterday and the temps are going to fall again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  12. Ya just gotta love a Retriever ...of any kind...and they just gotta take a swim if there in water anywhere near!! Tucker is a cutie!


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