Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do your weeble’s wobble??

My blog has been dark and quiet for what seems like a long time…over a week since my last post..I have been hiding out in the background reading about everyone else’s exciting adventures..thanks for letting us ride along..

Not much has been happening around here…just the usual boring, laundry, cooking and blogworthy adventures to write about…but today was a ‘Mother and Daughter’ adventure….

Where did we go??..where most women go when they escape the confines of ‘prison’..we went shopping!!!

I stayed overnight at our daughter’s on Friday night..


..sleeping on her couch..not the best sleep I have ever had but I survived without my fan!..we were up early…6 am…showered and ready to roll before 7!..we headed over the Golden Ears Bridge towards the US/Canada border..


we laughed about this sign..speed hump??..thought it was funny..guess you had to be in the car…


our destination?…105 miles south the Tulalip Casino area and the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall…

Fullscreen capture 12032011 91320 PM

We crossed the border in record time…no silly questions..just hand over the passports..where are you going ladies?!!..have a nice day!!

The drive was a wet one!..rain and more rain…

we did stop for gas just over the border..the price $3.84 a home the price is $1.30 a litre which works out to be $4.91 a with the Canadian dollar being basically at par with the American one..this was a good deal for us…



our first stop was Walmart at Tulalip..the outlet mall wasn’t open till 10 so we had some breakfast and the perused all aisles…purchasing a few items…one of them being two verizon $15 air cards for our USA travelling cell phones…

I figured that since we were in the USA I may as well make a couple of calls to our  Rving friends…Gordon and Juanita..they are parked in  Port Orford, Oregon for the winter…it was great to talk to Gord…..just to say hi and how are you???…we will see these fine folks in July….and are looking forward to our two weeks on the coast of Oregon…

my next call went to Paul and Mary.I got Mary’s voicemail and she called back a bit later…they had been out geo-caching in Alpine, Texas…having a great time out hiking the hills in the sunshine!!..bring water, next time though, Mary!!

with the phone calls out of the way …and the outlet mall is now we went in search of great bargains..we dodged the raindrops…and made a few purchases…new runners all round!!…..the old one get one half off deal..most of the stores seem to have the same deal…except the ‘coach outlet’..their’s was 30% off your total purchase..did we get ‘ sucked in’..nope!!! fancy new purse under my arm…

P3128945With this mall under our belts..time for lunch..but first we need to find the car in the parking lot?..we wound up walking past it and a few rows over?..gone to far..can’t find the car?..geesh…what is a girl to do? thought…push the alarm on the remote?..bazinga…there it was.. a few rows behind us??..

Lunch was at the Olive Garden..the waiting area was pretty busy with quite a few senior citizens fresh from the Tulalip Casino..lots of wobbling going on..I guess from sitting at the slot machines..pulling those ‘one armed bandits’…lots of sore muscles…...hence the word of the day..’wobble’.. but we decided to wait..a whole five minutes…far cry from the 20 minutes that they said it would be…

olivegardenwe placed our orders of rolled lasagna for Carlie..and a small pizza for me..we filled up on the salad..and by the time our food arrived I was already full…we both ate half of our meals..and we packed the leftovers and brought them home for later… 


After our yummy lunch we headed north towards the city of Burlington, Washington..and another outlet mall…this one has a Lulu -Lemon store…two pairs of pants later…and a stop at Uniform shop for me..two pairs of pants and two tops for work…we continued north to Bellis Fair Mall..and the Bath and Body Works quick purchase and we were done….

l_048c62eb405b2247c8988ff7bdbeeadeThis time we remembered where we parked the pole #29…with the items purchased ..time to head to the border..and hope we don’t have to pay duty on our items..we tallied up the receipts…and continued the last stretch of the the USA/Canada border…. the border line-up was about a half hour long…but we made it through without having to go inside and hand over any more $$$..


A great Mother and Daughter Day!!…thanks Carlie for a lovely day…and remember ‘Do your weeble’s wobble, but they don’t fall down??


  1. Sounds like a great girl day to me,except the rain.

  2. Don't know too much about Mother & Daughter's shopping stuff but nice to see you back up & blogging again:))

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me (Janna), now Mike wouldn't think so!

  4. Oddly, shopping has never been on my list of enjoyable activities! :)

  5. Now THAT sounds like a fun day! Aren't daughters wonderful!?!

  6. Love the mother & daughter shopping days... They are so much fun! Hey I wobble and sometimes fall down... LOL LOL
    Have fun & travel safe

  7. Paulette would have loved a day like that as she hasn't had one since Carrie went home. Sounds like you just about covered everything including lunch at the Olive Garden!

  8. Good to hear from you again. I envy you the mother/daughter day. With only a son I have to wait and hope for a granddaughter. And then I'll be so wobbly I won't be able to make those trips.

  9. I guess I can stay home today..I just had my shopping fix! Thanks for taking me along!! I enjoyed every moment!
    Do my weebles wobble?...well let me tell ya'...not only do they wobble but they more like droop and man do they flap! TMI...
    Have a great Sunday!!

  10. When you're in Oregon, and on the coast, let us know. We'd love to meet you. We're in Eugene, not too far to Florence on the coast. They have a casino there with a great buffet. Glad you had fun shopping.

  11. I enjoyed reading about your I-5 shopping trip. I'm glad that we could accomadate you with expensive gas that is still less than what you have to pay in Canada! Glad you and Carlie found bargains and got to spend some quality time together.

  12. I feel your pain. I've been a tad slow on the blogosphere too...BOOOOOORING!! There's nothing like a good mother/daughter day to make ya smile...And I cannot tell you how many times I lose my truck in just the WalMart parking lot...DUH!! Keep on bloggin!!

  13. This weeble has been known to fall down after a few wobbly pops!

  14. I guess Anneke would have enjoyed the day. I am just glad I can avoid days like that. Glad you had fun!

  15. You guys sure hit quite a few shops ... for someone like me who hates shopping, this would not have been a good day. For hubby, on the other hand ... well, let's just say that his wallet would have been lighter by the end of the day.

  16. Whew! I'm worn out just reading about your day. Glad you had a good time and an easy border crossing. Come back again for some cheap gas HAHA!

  17. My friends always tell me I need to buy a kayak for on top of the car. Seems a little expensive, but it sure makes the car easy to find! Sounds like a great day - I love to shop, but buying, not so much!

  18. here I am, reading this blog on hump day...

    glad you two had so much fun!

    I feel like I'm overdue for a shopping day...


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