Monday, March 21, 2011

Gadget overload..


our lives  are filled with  an overload of  gadgets….

it use to be the only gadgets were  the remote control for the television.

and a cordless phone…..


Then along came the computers…we started with  a desktop computer about six years ago….


then there was new laptop…a ‘necessity for hitting the road’

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then came the digital photography..we started with the Olympus Stylus 600


now a  bigger better camera…the Canon XS20…


oh and now the portable item that makes riding the bus a little bit easier..


this pretty green IPOD Nano’s new home is in the glove box of the now I have this little silver IPOD shuffle..


and now the cell phones…we started with Blackberry ..blackberry-storm-9500-combo

and then we have these Verizon flip phones …pay and talk for when we travel to the USA..


then there is my KOBO Reader..


we also have a handheld GPS for geo-caching..


our latest new gadgets are …



so in closing.. we are on ‘gadget overload as you can many gadgets do you have???


  1. Gadgets all around. Our next gadget want is the Zoom or Ipad. Our son has one and it is really neat!! Maybe you could add that as the next gadget too.
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  2. Oh my, you might have us beat! Our biggies are computers and cameras...have four desktops (but only use two regularly- the other two are special purpose), plus a laptop and what I call my "baby computer" an itty bitty net book. I've lost count of the cameras! Times have sure changed...

  3. All the gadgets drive me crazy, and the (wireless?) nest of wires under the desk. I say I want one thing that does it all, but I actually like having a small, plain cell phone.

  4. Not nearly as many as you do! But we have added a laptop and a Kindle to our collection this year. I can thin of a few more that we will be getting before we hit the road.

    I was pricing GPS's last night!

  5. I know, isn't it weird, all these gadgets? But I love all mine: Desktop computer, laptop computer, wireless router, two digital cameras, two digital photo frames, GPS in the car, Kindle, Zen MP3, Android cell phone, iHome to play by MP3. An electric fireplace, does that count? And I have TONS of remotes and chargers. I think that's all. I DO want a GPS handheld device for geochaching, but will wait until I'm full-timing to get one. Keeps our brains young learning how to operate all this stuff. And it is fun. :)

  6. Seems as though I have enough gadgets to make packing up all the cords and chargers pretty challenging!

  7. I agree with Malone... we have way too many individual cords with rechargers attached... drives me nuts... not enough plugs in the RV


  8. It's hard to resist all the gadgets these days, but didn't we get along without all of them not so long ago? They all seem so necessary in today's world, but are they really? Sometimes, technology is not such a good thing!

  9. With all the gadgets out there, the power company will have to increase out put for all the chargers, converters, etc. We have pretty much stuck with a plain cell phone and a laptop and GPS for now, maybe later Donna will get a kindle type reader of some kind. So far Rigg's hasn't found any gadgets he likes, but a doggie park locater app for the GPS is on his wish list. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  10. Makes you wonder how we ever survived without all these gadgets that seem so indispensable these days.

  11. There is no such thing as 'gadget overload'!! It's all good!

  12. Love gadgets and I would love, love to have an IPhone but where we live 7-8 months of every year there is no cell signal and I just can't justify paying a service plan when I can't use it at home. Maybe one of these days!

  13. I only have a few gadgets. I make good use out of the ones I have, though. :)

  14. If I listed all of my gadgets it would take pages! It actually scares me how many I have! Ack!


  15. Let's see - two laptops, two smart phones, two GPS and that's it for our house. I don't consider TVs gadgets so I don't count them. Probably not in the market for any more gadgets for quite awhile - unless one of these dies on us.

  16. Wow!! I have NO gadgets...except my computer..leave the gadgets to Rick! (BUT I do have fabric and a great sewing machine!) Would you believe my cell phone is never on...and rarely charged! When I am out I really don't want to talk. Email me or phone me at home! :o)
    Have a great

  17. I think we are all a bit overloaded with this stuff, but most of it would be hard to give up any more. I am not sure what that says about us,

  18. If I take time to go around and add them all up it will take away usage time...

    I want an android phone and an eos Canon..

    How's that?

  19. I agree....Sometimes I think we are relying too much on "stuff" and forget that we can read and write and talk on our own, too!!! But ...they sure make our lives easier, eh?

  20. You really have a truck full there. I think all I have are the laptop, phone, handheld gps, car gps and digital camera.

  21. I got overloaded just looking at your overload!

    However, being a motorhead, I bet I have at least one hammer to each one of your tech gagets... ;c)

  22. Doug and Sue. Most of those gadget are little and don't take up lots of space in an fulltime RV lifestyle. That's a plus. I like the smallness and the connectedness that comes with all that. I also like the portable entertainment value of it all. As Virginia said to me the other day after I showed her a few things on my laptop (she's my 89 year old friend), "Wow! You carry your life with you!" She had not understood until that moment how I could adapt to our nomadic lifestyle with such ease.

  23. I liked your post about the gadgets. Like many people, we have slowly been in the process of trying to make our life simpler. Often that includes getting rid of accumulated toys. Unfortunately just yesterday, our trusted and not very old GPS died on us, so before we head out very far, it’s off to the store for a new one. Even when we are trying to downsize a bit, there are some electronic gadgets that we still consider a must.


  24. Gotta have them in this modern day. I embrace new technologies.

  25. I love gadgets and always want more. Currently in the motorhome we have a PDA (outdated now), 3 digital cameras, 1 DVD movie camera, 2 GPS units, 3 laptops, 1 iPhone, 1 Droid Inspire phone, and I want an iPad just for the heck of it. Oh, and I want that new iPhone4 like you have. My "wanter" is stuck as usual.

  26. We have many as well and just returned from a short week trip and forgot our GPS thankfully we had our faithful map book! Now considering getting an in-dash system since our batteries always die on our hand held anyway and then we won't leave home without it again. We've got 2 iphones, i pod, and thinking about an ipad, 2 laptops, my Canon Rebel, lumix point and shoot, olympus stylus, and a pentax under water camera, walkie talkies and one with gps and hope to try geocatching this summer on our big trip...the list goes husbands the gadget collector but I sure love my iphone and my canaon, have to figure out what we are going to do for phone, satellite and internet on our trip still since we are from Canada and will be primarily in the states...


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