Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Humdinger of a day…

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Doug had a procedure done and one of the stipulations was that someone had to stay with him for 24 hours post-procedure.  He was not to be left alone and wasn’t allowed to drive, drink alcohol or operate heavy machinery!… :)

So as you can all probably figure out..I was the lucky one to stay home today..with pay, of course..they deem it a ‘special leave’ day!…this morning he was feeling like his usual self..just a few stomach cramps but other than that nothing out of the norm…

Our first thought was ..what are we going to do on our ‘free day’…since he was feeling okay we thought..hmmm..RV show in Chilliwack??..

We dropped Tucker off at daycare for a few hours and headed east with me..yes, folks you read that correctly me..behind the wheel of the jeep…now I am usually the one who gets to sit in the passenger seat..look out the window..take on my phone..entertain my driver..Not today…Doug had the pleasure of sitting in that seat..and I got to ‘put the pedal to metal’..hah!….

our route took us to Port Moody first…then over the Port Mann bridge and onto the #1..and east towards the town of Chilliwack..

Fullscreen capture 17032011 55916 PM

We arrived at the Humdinger RV show in about an hour…

P3178952parked the jeep ..for free!..and paid our $14 and entered in to the land of shiny new RV’s for some ‘tire kicking’!..will there be any Winnebago’s??

There were lots to wander through..from a tag axel worth well over $425,000..but wait, you get a tow car with that..a jeep liberty!..sorry too much $$$..

there was a Bounder..a gas..35 feet..we like this and half baths..huge shower..nice layout for 35 feet..outside storage seemed to be pretty good…and the price?..well at least it would be a bit more affordable than the first one…2011-03-17-1735-40Then there was  a Discovery…36 footer..diesel..still out of our price range but a girl can dream…nice soft leather..great layout..nice tile floor…and our ‘jeep..”FREEWAY”..would look great behind this one…nice colour match…

2011-03-17-1735-401  next tire kicking was a ‘Georgetown”..we like the layout of this one..the front part anyway..not so much when it comes to the bedroom..if only we could mix and match that would be ‘perfection’…and then of course..mix up our ‘bank accounts up with a ‘wealthy person’…

P3178963 P3178962

Once we were done dreaming..or rather someone from ‘above’ smacked us both up the side of head..we headed for lunch..can’t buy a ‘home on wheels today’ may as well eat!!..we headed to Boston Pizza..two chicken calzones..made with multigrain pizza crust and a salad on the side…all for under $27..

We stopped for gas…$1.14 a litre…$4.31 a gallon for all the American readers out there…this is a deal because in our neighbourhood it is $1.29..or $4.88 a gallon

Our ‘Humdinger done..I drove 183 kilometers. (115 miles)...that is the most I have driven in a long time..!..thanks for riding along with us..hope I didn’t ‘scare anyone…’

Bigdawg and Freeway” will continue to dream….Dreams never die ..just the dreamer..we are off to purchase a ‘lotto ticket’!!


  1. It is so much fun to kick those tires isn't it???

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great day! Glad Doug is feeling OK post procedure!

  3. Egad! Look at the size of the TV in that Georgetown!

  4. Nice buses but I get claustrophobic at just the thought of living in one. You full-timers are a special breed!

  5. Why is it, even now that I have an RV, I STILL love looking at them? Sounds like a great way to spend a day and thanks for sharing your photos. Hang on to the dream, Sue!

  6. I have a lotto ticket in my purse that is a couple of weeks old. I'll look at it one of these days, I don't loose them, but untill I do I can think about "what if it is the winning number..."

    That way I only drop $5 once a month instead of twice a week :~)

  7. We looked at the Georgetown, and just loved it as well, they have some great floorplans... just need the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. I agree with Donna. Even though we love the RV we have we still love to wander through new ones. And it's going to happen for you.

  9. Just keep kicking those tires and eventually you'll find the perfect rig at a price that's just right for you!

  10. That sounds like a good way to spend a recovery day! Kicking tires is always so much fun. And when you already have an RV, you can usually come to the conclusion that the one you have is best--unless you are ready to buy a different one, that is. (I'll put in a plug for the Bounder 35--we have the 35E version, which has an extra closet where the extra toilet was located--gotta love that huge shower!)

  11. Great post, I felt as if I were kicking the tires along with you. RVs are much like cars. If you’re intended destination is 1 mile away, then both a Kia and a Cadillac will get you there, it’s simply a matter of how comfortable (mentally and physically) you wish to be during your drive. This is the argument I use on myself when we look at expensive items such as RVs.


  12. Sounds like a fun day! :) Loved the pictures!

  13. We still look even though we love having the truck & Fiver finally paid for. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  14. Been a fair few years since we've been to an RV show. I'm not too good at window shopping because it only gets me crazy at wanting something bigger & better. I am always overwhelmed by the 'WOW' factor & in the past that has cost me a fair bit of money here & there. It's best for me to avoid the RV shows now, unless...........:))

  15. "A dream is a wish your heart makes"...(Jiminy Crickett)..and dreams can become realities...just sayin!

  16. Looks like a fun day, but wow your gas is high! That's even higher than we've paid for diesel ~ so far... let me say.

    Keep looking. We looked f.o.r.e.v.e.r. before we found this motorhome and it was on the internet!

  17. Sounds like a lot of fun! So many choices...but you will eventually find the right one for you.

  18. That tire kickin' part of bein' a mobile, mobile dreamer is good, but I sure hope ya did something to also advance yer money end of the dream since that seems to be what are really a holdin' ya up. I'd also like to think that sometimes a new interpritation of an old dream can also lead to exciting things. Ya got a nice blog here, like yer style of writin' what yer thinkin.


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