Wednesday, March 16, 2011



“It is nice to be important..but it is more important to be nice..”

What is important to you??..the kindness of strangers goes a long way..a smile.. a  touch…

I meet lots of different types of people during my work day…some people are grumpy..some are happy, sad or angry..…and some are just ‘plain ole mean’!..( and this is just my co-workers!)..just kidding of course…

My day is filled with  a ‘meet and greet’ kind of I don’t wear a blue vest like they do at Walmart …

we are the first ones to see the patients and bring them down to Medical Imaging for their it is important to be nice!! never know who the patients are related to??

You sure wouldn’t want to be rude to the wrong it is easier to be nice to everyone!

Some patients don’t get any the few minutes that we spend with them may be the only time that someone other than the ‘nurse’ is talking to them…

Today, Doug was a patient at the same hospital I work at… ( just a procedure appointment..all is well)...He was treated very nicely by all the staff he met..even before they knew that he was related to an you see it is ‘important to be nice!’




  1. In my past mobility van job I was frequently in & out of various medical facilities as well as many nursing homes. Always found the staff in the majority of those places helpful & friendly.

  2. I'm likin' your red blog! And I already agreed with your topic on facebook!

  3. Good points....and, those patient satisfaction scores are oh so important. But, another thought on the subject, you never know what people are going through in their personal lives. Sometimes that grumpiness and anger comes from fear and loneliness. I agree that it's always good to be cheerful, caring and understanding in healthcare facilities. Thank you!

  4. Good post on an important topic. I agree.

  5. Such true words, Sue. After I had my heart surgery, I appreciated kindness, as well as transport that tried hard not to bump and jiggle me. You can be my transport person any time!

  6. Good post! I remember when I was in the hospital after my surgery a few months ago - the employees that were cheerful and sincere were such day brighteners. I never realized how important that was until I was stuck in a little room for a few days!! :)

  7. if you want a lesson on attitude, just look and a Lab or Retriever like the Tuckster, if that "Oh Boy, Oh Boy Oh Boy" could be bottled or sold, I don't think I have ever seen Rigg's unhappy with his lot, even when another dog bit him at the doggie oark, he chased the dog off and resumed his game of tug with the other dog right where he left off.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. Like the new look. My blog background is provided by the blog templates and is just a background from the many they offer.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  9. I like your new blog background, looks good.

    Good thoughts on your blog today and I agree with all of them.

  10. Glad Doug is alright. Loved the subject today. stay safe.

  11. I've enjoyed working with the public. My mom and dad did, too, when they ran the skating rink. We kids were taught to be nice to people, and being an ex-hairdresser, travel agent, optometric assistant, I got lots of practice...I always thought I would make a fun bartender...:=)

  12. Hi Sue,
    When you're having some type of medical procedure or have a medical problem it makes all the difference in the world how the staff at the hospital or doctor's office treat you. We might start out being grumpy or mean but before its over, with enough friendly faces, you feel so much better. Thanks for being nice!

  13. I have really appreciated all of the kind medical staff I have encountered over the years. It was particularly important to me as I went thru the breast cancer treatment. Kind nurses and technicians made it all go smoothly. I try to be a brave and cheerful patient, but sometimes it's hard when you are scared. A warm touch means so very much.

    I remembered to call a supervisor and praise one of the nurses who helped me so much by just touching me during a particularly difficult biopsy. I think that important to do. Acknowledge when someone does a good job.


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