Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It’s here!!!


My prize has arrived..all the way from Desert Hot Springs, California..

Fullscreen capture 01032011 74902 PM

my package travelled 2200 kilometers or 1375 miles..all for the cost of $4.03..it was safely tucked in our mailbox this afternoon when we returned from work..




now that it has been opened it is time to download it onto the laptop and see how this great prize is going to work!!…

stay tuned…we will be venturing out on the weekend to see how it works!!

I have read a few blogs tonight and there is a couple of contests to win one of these programs..

Sam and Donna

and Diana..are all running contests to win a Streets and Trips program…we wish you all good luck!!!

On the weather front..our snow is but a distant memory..but a very powerful wind storm is coming our way…with winds up to 100 kilometers an hour!..better ‘batton down the hatches’…

thanks again  to Rick and Paulette for drawing our name..we will put this program to good use!!


  1. Hey, that printing on the envelope looks very, very familiar!

    Glad you received the package and I'm amazed it got their so fast for just plain old regular mail. I only mailed it last Tuesday!!

  2. Enjoy your new software toy, Sue and Doug!

  3. We are currently awaiting our 5 copies of Streets & Trips to arrive via UPS here in Borrego Springs. Don't think we'll do the contest thing but do have some fellow RV'ers in mind we would like to give the programs to.

  4. Glad to hear you got your package ... alas I need a Mac version of S&T so I can't participate in any of the contests.

  5. YAY!!! You guys have fun with your new software! :-)

  6. We love Microsoft S&T... Have used it for years and buy the new software every year so we can have the updated roads. I didn't know anyone else was having contest and have already purchased our 2011 copy! You will love it and if you have any questions just ask... maybe I can help. Have fun with it...
    Travel safe

  7. Congrats again on the big win!!! I just know you will enjoy it!!! I am hoping to snag one of Sam and Donna's...LOL

  8. Hi Sue!
    Glad you received your software! Isn't it fun to win something while blogging?! The thrill of the win is great but I love to host a give away too. You get to meet a lot more people that way while giving away a great product!! What better way to thank your bloggers for reading your posts than to include them in the fun! It's a shame more people don't feel that way!!
    Batten down the hatches!! Hope your storm isn't too bad!

  9. Now you have everything you need to plan a trip.

  10. Congratulations on your prize!! Enjoy! It was suppose to be very windy here in Monterey last night and today but its really not bad at all. Hope you had a similar experience! Take care...

  11. You have incredible luck! Will you buy a lottery ticket for me? ;c)

  12. Congratulations lucky lady! Glad you were a lucky winner. Thanks for the tips about the other two contests - I just entered both of them. What fun we bloggers have!

  13. Congratulations, look forward to hearing how you like it.

  14. Whoo Hoo!! You gonna be too busy planning trips to hang out in Blogville.

  15. Hello almost neighbour from over here in Surrey :)

    Just stumbled across your blog and am wondering how you like this software? Would you recommend it? Hope you are enjoying it!


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