Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A rainy Tuesday….a perfect day for a ‘first in Tucker’s life’..yes,  he is over two years old..but he has never had an actual bath at the ‘groomers’…

Here is the before….

sharing an ice cream sandwich with his ‘brother’..”well if you call this sharing..got to wait for the cat to finish his share!!..with that little tongue of his ..I could be waiting all night..the darn thing is going to melt all over the table if you don’t hurry up…geesh… I could have it down in two bites..no wait..one bite ..gone..but then I would get ‘brain freeze’!!..maybe I will just wait my turn?”

IMG_5559IMG_5560please save me at least a little bit, Oliver!!..geesh…I have a busy day tomorrow…got to keep my strength up…”


note the wavy fur….be thankful you can’t smell the odour..all you dog owner’s out there know that smell…cut grass..mud..just a plain ole stinky boy!!..

IMG_5569here I am …all clean and smelling like  the ‘handsome boy that I know I am…


“I know the ‘BLUE BANDANA LOOKS RIDICULOUS’..but I will amuse my ‘peeps’ for now…..”

cost of day care for today $16.80

cost of my spa treatment $ $61.60

cost of being  the best  looking golden retriever in ‘blogville’??..priceless…


  1. Tucker is a very handsome golden retriever. So glad there is no such thing as 'smellablog' for the before picture. We can only imagine the odours permeating through the fur!

  2. Really enjoyed your post. I know that smell. I think boys dogs especially find things to roll in and then are soooo proud and want you to enjoy that odor with them. But we love them anyway!!

  3. He certainly does look handsome!

  4. Gotta love that good old doggy dog smell. Sometimes they smell like old dirty socks, someimes like a herd of stampeding mushrooms & other times they just smell like their good little selves:)) Dogs....ya just gotta love em eh.....

  5. Tucker is absolutely handsome! What patience he had with the kitty cat! He looks so gentle.

  6. Know what you mean, I sometimes have to leave a window down on the truck after Rigg's has had a swim at the doggie park, Priceless is watching him being put in the shower by my son Andy for his bath.He will go a mile out of the way to jump into some water, but he doesn't like the shower stall and he's to big for the tub, When it's warm out I can wash him on the patio deck with the hose,Tucker looks good in that bandanna, I have a couple we put on Rigg's for his Sunday dress ups. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  7. Tucker is gorgeous and such a gentleman for putting up with the cat!

  8. Our Black Lab, Gypsy, hated baths..I would wash her with the hose and she shook the whole time..Then when I was done, she would run around the yard with her but down like a wild dog!!! But boy, she sure looked and smelled better...Wet dogs and dirty little kids all smell the same...GAMEY!!

  9. Tucker, you are a gorgeous animal, you animal you. And it's not just boy dogs, we had a female beagle that used to love to roll in deer poop when we lived out in the country. But you definitely clean up well. And you were so patient about sharing with your brother. Good dog.

  10. Just love the smell of an old wet dog. You just have to remember......they went to a lot of trouble to roll in a lot of that smelly stuff just so they could bring that smell back home to you. They are so considerate and loving!

    Although I greatly admire the amount of energy they expend doing that, I much prefer the smell of a freshly groomed dog! Yours looks wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Aw, so cute! The blog and the dog!!

    Back in the day when we had dogs and they went for grooming, the first thing they always did when let loose, was try to rub off the bandanna and get some earthy smell back on!

  12. Tucker looks terrific - the spa did a great job! I hope he got an ice cream treat all his own for being such a good dog! He deserves one!

  13. Very handsome, bandanna and all!!


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