Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011


Happy Easter to everyone…our Easter morning began with the usual vanilla steamed milk for me and a mocha for Doug..I love the weekends!!


the ‘boys’ love Sunday morning too…

The weather was not too bad this morning so we made plans to head into New Westminster…the Royal City..and the oldest city in Western Canada…


Tucker needed some ‘leash we went to the New Westminster Quay for a walk along the Fraser River…




the boardwalk runs along beside the Fraser River..



the flowers were in bloom and the smell of the hyacinths was amazing..I was hoping for the hanging baskets to be up on the lamp standards..but too early yet…maybe next time…


We had a lovely stroll …the rain started to come down..and we were not ‘armed with an umbrella’ it was time to head home…my good hair day was no more..





There was yet another race at the track late this afternoon so we drove down to Vancouver to watch Victory Suite.(Sally)...number 9 in race #5…pano

Carlie and her friend, Kim met us at the track for a lesson in betting and hopefully winning a bit of $$



Parade in the paddock…looking fine…not that we are experts or anything..just hopeful “wanna be winners..”



the end result..not so great..Victory Suite came in ninth..beaten by 16 1/2 lengths..better luck next time..

win some and you lose some…so much for my $4 bet…


  1. Sounds like you and Doug had a great day and Tucker had a really good stroll. We enjoyed the flower pics and that really pretty horse.
    Take care.

  2. Sorry about your big loss at the track. Maybe next time. That's what I always say when we leave Vegas. Maybe next time.

    Love the tin soldier. That is neat.

  3. Has the Quay re-opened yet or is it still under major renos??
    We haven't been down there since last August although we are in the area often as Matt lives just up the hill.

  4. Nice tour and pics of the Westminster Quay. I've only been there one time and I really enjoyed it. Too bad about your horse!

  5. Hey, it looks like Carlie is slightly more willing to have her picture taken if she has a friend along! I know what it's like, neither of my boys were ever willing to pose, especially Jonathan. Tim's okay now that he has a baby in the picture with him. ;)

  6. Aren't the colors of spring great ... they lift our spirit even if the day turns dreary with rain.

  7. Another Canadian attraction we've never heard of..Thanks for the tour..Too bad your horse didn't win, but just being at the track on a beautiful day is fun!

  8. I have yet to attend a horse race. We have intended to go a few times, but never got around to it.

    Hope your Easter was good.

  9. Love the pictures today. Hope you all had a great Easter. Tucker looks so cute in the pictures...

  10. Nice tour and history of New Westminster.

    I remember the numerous times I attended the horse races with my uncle. I always made money when I bet with him....and never a cent when I bet without his input. He had incredible horse sense!

  11. Beautiful photo's!!!

    Now I'm off to google "quay"...


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