Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fur a flyin’

Today was Oliver and Tucker’s annual visit to the vet…Doug had to work so it was  Carlie  and I who  had  the lovely task of taking the ‘fur boyz’ for their checkups!..

Tucker, of course is not a problem in the car…but Oliver on the other paw is a bit of an issue..once we stuffed him in his crate and took him down the to  the car…meowing all the way..poor little boy!..this was going to be a noisy ride!!

We did come to the conclusion though, that two hairy animals in a black car with a black interior are not a good idea..and on top of that Carlie and I both wore black we were covered in ‘hair’ before we even arrived at the vet! was a flyin’..

Tucker wouldn’t settle down…he didn’t want to share the small backseat with his ‘brother’…darn kids..IMG_0028”why is he here???..geesh!!!..”now I can’t look out the window??!!”


“let me outta here?!!..I don’t want to go for a stinkin’ car ride!!!”

We arrived in time for our appointment at 10..but we had to wait..per usual..busy clinic..what more can I say..the parking lot  was full so we knew we were going to have to sit for a while…

hospitalfrontTucker weighed in at 81.2 pounds…( all muscle..not an ounce of extra meat on that boy of ours)...and Oliver was 13.64 pounds..both were given clean bills of health… teeth were scraped…ears cleaned and shots and medications are all up to date for the year…I paid the bill..being very thankful that we get the ‘family rate’…an hour later we were headed towards home ..and our next stop of the day…the dentist  for  Carlie..but not before a quick stop to get a new battery for the laptop  that Doug got for free from work…an older model 15 inch screen Dell/Lattitude….windows XP operating system..but it works well and did I mention it was free!

Dentist drop off for Carlie..teeth cleaning time for her..gotta shine up those pearly whites…


……took Tucker to daycare..he needs some time to play with his ‘friends’..


…and then drove home to release poor Oliver from the confines of his crate…there was more fur in the bottom of the crate than on him…I do believe he was a tad bit traumatized today!..poor little ‘gaffer’!!..with him safely inside the condo..being very vocal..meow meow MEOW!!!…I left and went back to pick Carlie up..

We had Subway for lunch and then she dropped me off at home..only 2:00..and I am ‘pooped out’…the ‘golden boy’ is at daycare…Oliver is being quiet finally…some peace and quiet for me..Doug is still at work…now what am I going to do???

some computer time…cross stitching to be done…isn’t it cute?..going to be a square in  baby quilt for one of the girls at work..not quite done!!..soon…


Doug called..still at work..doesn’t know when he will be home?..Tucker is at daycare..they close at 6?..guess who is now having a ‘sleepover?’..that’s what happens when we are a ‘one car family’..oh well..he is in good hands…see you in tomorrow Tucker…

I walked to the grocery store this afternoon for some items for dinner…thinking that would be the right thing to do…since Doug has been working all day..making the ‘big bucks’..

our dinner..barbequed teriyaki steak, mushrooms, salad with thai shrimp and strawberries with whip cream for dessert…

IMG_5655 IMG_5657

Doug likes his salad in a bowl..I like mine on the plate with my ‘meat’ so at least it looks like my plate is full..mind over matter, I guess…I don’t care if my salad ‘touches the rest of my food’



and so ends our  ‘fur flyin’ Saturday…on a little side note..just want to say congrats to Al from Bayfield Bunch..for being the 2oooth commenter..the box is prepped and ready to go to the post office tomorrow..the red mittens should be at your house by next week??..the little brown box has to travel only 2603 miles!..

Fullscreen capture 09042011 92944 PM

cost of my  ‘fur flyin’ Saturday…

the vet visit for my ‘boyz’…$170

battery for the ‘free laptop..$69

lunch with my daughter.. $14.69

groceries for dinner with my hard working husband ..$18.79

…having a Saturday off to spend with my daughter, and my ‘fur kids’..priceless..and of course knowing that Doug is making some extra cash sure does help!!


  1. When we bought our last van we got the light beige interior to go with the yellow lab hair!

    The previous van had a dark blue interior and always looked hairy!

  2. We used to have an miniature American eskimo and a Samoyed ... I hear you on the dark interior and clothes and dogs :-)

  3. We once packed our 3 guys up for a free rabies clinic. People & pets lined up outside the Vets place & what a Zoo that all turned out to be. We used to have cats too & crates are definatily the way to transport the little darlings for sure. Springtime now so all the fur bearers are loosing their winter coats. We have fur flying everywhere at the moment as well. We'll be keeping a close watch on our mail box next week:))

  4. Black - nope, not a good choice of color when having a "pet day" like you had. I carry a lint remover brush at all times in the car. My 5 lb and 3 lb Chihuahuas generate a lot of hair - can't imagine what Tucker must do! Despite the "hairy day", sounds like it was a good day.

  5. That was a busy day! One of the reasons we went with the schnauzer breed--they don't shed, at all! But Tucker is so sweet, what's a little dog hair??

  6. Sounds like a full day to me. Donnie took Rusty out with him in the truck this morning. He said he was very good and sat in the passenger seat on the way, but on the way back he insisted on riding under Don's feet while he was driving. Not a good thing so I guess we will have to start some retraining.

  7. After a day like that you deserve a wonderful meal!! Looked yummy! Love your cross-stitch too! Take care and hope you have another good one!

  8. Sure hope Tucker liked his sleepover! Dinner looked terrific too!

  9. Our girls don't shed a whole lot but Skitz has allergy problems and this year has been shedding lots and lots. The good news is your babies got a clean bill of health for another year.

  10. Yum, your dinner looked delicious and low-carb, too!

  11. Sounds like a busy but pleasant day and visit with Carlie. Glad you had some good time to be together. Your sald looks really good.
    Take care and have a good "pet" day.

  12. I am so not looking forward to moving all our thing you had hair...!!!

  13. WHEW! You wore me out with all your furball friends...That is one thing I DON'T miss is the hair in almost everything you sit on or eat...As our lab aged,she began to get knarly gobs of fur everywhere...just like an aging falling out everywhere...I sure do miss her though....Oh, by the way...your dinner looked restaurant quality!


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