Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Huge Milestone!!


Bigdawg and Freeway  was ‘born’  on July 27th 2009 and  has  now reached a huge milestone..after more than 350 posts…over 30,000 views..and now we have reached a comment milestone…it may not seem like much to all of you  but to us it is…

Can you see the difference between this comment?…

“I've never understood the pancake thing, but men do seem to love their pancakes! I'd take an omelette every time. Covered with catsup, grated cheese, sour cream, and avocados. (Actually I think it's the toppings I love!)

By Me and My Dog on Okay!…I give….. at 11:13 AM”

and this one….


“Well, looking over those top 10 beaches I can say I have swam in both the Okanagan Valley's Kalamalka & Okanagan Lakes in Vernon BC. Also swam at Ontario's Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay quite a few times many years ago. Been to the Charlottetown Beach on Prince Edward Island & have driven the entire Cabot Trail overlooking the shoreline & beaches of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. And we think our beach right here in Bayfield along the shores of Lake Huron is pretty darn nice too:))

By THE BAYFIELD BUNCH on Top Ten beaches in Canada! at 3:17 AM”

well in actual fact the difference is in the number!!!..

Me and my dog?..were comment # 1999 for Bigdawg and Freeway….and  Bayfield Bunch is comment   #2000…

so what does this mean??..well…it means that I have been watching my counter for the past week or so wondering how I can recognize this huge  milestone…well..drum roll please….  #2000 is now the  proud owner of our ‘signature’ prize….the ever elusive..much coveted red Olympic mittens’ ..directly from British Columbia…


Al..I will contact you via email with regards to mailing information..congratulations!! and we would like to thank everyone for following along..onwards to the next milestone!! never know what it will be??!!

thanks for reading Bigdawg and Freeway!!


  1. Well, that sure was a nice suprise this morning when I clicked on your site. Can't say I have ever won much in all my 66 years so winning those red Olympic Mittens is a milestone for me as well. Very much looking forward to receiving them & I bet I may be the first person here in Bayfield Ontario to own a pair too....Thankyou so much:))

  2. Oh well, I just missed out on another mitten drawing. I will have to just keep hanging in there. I know I send a few comments every now and then.Maybe I 'm just not lucky, You guys sure have a neat way of rewarding your followers. And even without mittens we enjoy your posts. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Congratulations on reaching another milestone on your blog.

  4. Hey, I'm gonna have to protest--didn't a Canadian win the last pair???

  5. Who else other than Al would be making comments at three in the mornning?? :)

  6. Congratulations on reaching a bloggy milestone....may you reach many more :-)

  7. Well, congratulations on the Milestone, that's a big one for sure. There couldn't have been a better winner than Al, either. He supports all of us with shout-outs, and! he is Canadian. Perfect.

  8. Congrats on the comment milestone, Sue! Now, I'm curious.... what would you have done if you're 'Mr. Anonymous' friend had been commenter #3,000??

  9. Yeah Al!! He finally gets some good motorcycle riding mitts. No more excuses not to get on his Honda and dodge the snow on the country roads. Great contest....and I can see Al taking many photos while using these mitts when RV'ing in the high elevations of Arizona.

  10. What a great award for Al. And what a fun idea. Onward to the next milestone.

  11. Don't tell me that I lost another contest? Maybe Al won't need his mittens since he's not going to spend any more winters in Canada? ;-)

    Seriously, congratulations on this blog milestone. You do a great job!

  12. I love those mittens! I have a feeling Kelly might snag those from Al!..Congrats on a milestone to envy!! We don't have a counter and also don't have a clue...Probably should have thought of that about 16 months ago, eh?? Keep up the great blog...we enjoy it!!

  13. Great mittens!

    Don't need them in CALIFORNIA!

  14. Congrats on the milestone. Enjoy your blog. May you have many more milestones for us to enjoy. Lessie and Ed (TARDIS)


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