Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!


We have had a very busy week….working on our ‘challenge’!…every day after dinner we would head next door for about an hour or so..and begin the process of cleaning and scrubbing…..

Our cleaning ‘partners’ this week were…




but our ‘saving grace?’….


these little squares of ‘magic’..are the best things ever!!!…


and our ‘handy dandy shark steamer’…

We are a ‘cleaning machine armed with our ‘weapons of choice’!!

With our paper towel rolls, bags of rags, and the vacuum cleaner we were ready to start the challenge…

Friday night we spent a couple hours …so we are now up to 12 man  hours and we haven’t even hit the weekend yet…or really even made a ‘dent in the dirt and filth’..

Saturday was a long day…we spent 7 hours..scrubbing and cleaning and ‘gagging’ one point I was sure I was going to vomit…


under the stove…


the wall behind the stove…



we couldn’t figure out why the condo still smelt really bad..that was until Doug pulled the stove away from the wall…


and then there was the fridge…it was brown..suppose to be white..Doug braved the elements and pulled this one away from the wall too..


the tray underneath..was were the vents ..full of dust!!..are we surprised?..NO!!

Now that the kitchen is clean and smelling fresh…




the stainless steel sink is clean and shiny!!!..

onto the bathrooms..



boy oh boy..did we bite off more than we can chew???






our work here is now complete..the windows and the tracks are clean…the carpet is vacuumed..the sundeck is also washed down..

…the painting and carpet cleaning still need to be done but at least we are done!!!

How long did all this take?....well?..17 hours times the two of us..working our fingers to the bone…34 hours in total…was it worth it?..yes..we are pleased with the outcome…and we hope that our friend, Debbie will be pleased with all our hard work..

that after she gets over the shock of the ‘former tenants’ calling her twice to see when they can get their damage deposit back??…can you believe it??..the audacity of them even asking after the condition they left the condo in???

at least we know if we are looking for work ..we can start our own  business!!

“Bigdawg Cleaning Services!!”


  1. The difference in the before and after pictures is incredible. You guys really are good but you must be exhausted. Your friend is going to love you even more.

  2. Believe it or not, Steve and Vanessa's place was way worse then that when they moved in.
    Some people are just pigs!!

  3. What a difference Mr. Clean can make (and Mrs. Clean too!). It looks wonderful and your friend should be well pleased. Now get some rest...

  4. wow what a difference, I know your friend will be really happy with the job you did.

  5. You're hired! What a great job of cleaning up you did. I'm sure your friend will be delighted! Congrats on a great job!

  6. Good Job! I wouldn't have been able to do it. Would not like to clean up after someone else. Hard enough time cleaning my own house, but I do it.

  7. what a great job you did! I used to clean houses for a living, so I know just how hard it can be.

  8. Can you do windows in Seattle? Incredible job.

  9. What do you charge? Don't forget to add in fuel charges - you'll have to drive to Florida. I used to have a housekeeper when we owned our home - I think I now need one for our motorhome. I've never enjoyed cleaning up other people's dirt - and I'm not too fond of cleaning up my own, but I do it. Not sure how we lived without Magic Erasers - I use them on the floor tile grout. You two did a great job! Get some rest!

  10. Know where your coming from. Back in the 90's Kelly & I did a lot of commercial cleaning as one our part time jobs. When we finally packed that in after about 3 years I vowed I would never do that again....& haven't!! It is terrible how people treat other people's property & Kelly sees that all the time where she works for the summer at Deer Park Lodge. The condition people leave the cottages in is disgusting. Pigs are far more cleaner with their habits than a lot of people are. Ya did a good job:))

  11. Great job, you will probably get called now whenever someone move out in the apartements your in. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  12. Wow what a BIG difference you two made.If you start making house calls let us know when your in KC.

  13. You two did an awesome job!! The before and after photos are amazing. You might do a blog post on what cleaning product works best for grease, for sinks, for bathroom floor, for the frig, etc. Great job, you both should be proud!

  14. That was certainly not a job that I would want to tackle. Good work!

  15. Big Dawg and Freeway..
    Just give us some leeway....
    We"ll scrub it and clean it
    Like we really mean it...
    'Cause we're just the BEST..
    So you sit and rest.

  16. Looks so much better. Hope your friend is paying you well.

  17. I.M. not a tryin' to go north when everybodies else are goin' south, but I.M. didn't see ya fixin' nothin', only doin' some cleanin', so why woodn't them renter folks be thinkin' they'd get they're damage deposit back since it looks like they didn't damaged nothin'.

  18. Great job, I've done a little commercial cleaning, and it's so much harder to clean up other people's dirt! The place looks perfect now, it looks like a really cute home.

    I was wondering, like I.M. Vayne, about the renters' deposit. Normal cleaning is expected to be done when they leave, and they didn't do it, so I'd think that would come out of their deposit. But otherwise, it doesn't look like anything was damaged. Why wouldn't they get their deposit back, minus the cleaning? (What in the world did they do with the stove to get all the drips on the sides and back wall???)

  19. Wonderful job, Sue and Doug. You are the cleaning masters!

  20. You have the before pictures to prove why the deposit is not owed back to the renters ... in fact, to my way of thinking, you earned the deposit by making the place look presentable again.

  21. Quite unbelievable how some people live....or choose to live. What a contrast your efforts have brought to this former mess. Great result...but not without a lot of effort.

  22. Way to go you two! What a pair of friends your friend has...Hopefully you might have some input in the next renters?

  23. Wow... what a job... you have to wonder how some people live...



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