Saturday, April 23, 2011

Road trip….


heading out on a road trip today…135 kilometers south..over the border towards the city of Burlington, Washington..and La Conner..home of the tulip festival…

Fullscreen capture 22042011 71448 PM

We left home at 6:15 am..and headed towards Carlie’s house..we are swapping vehicles..leaving the jeep in Maple Ridge and taking her car south of the day out!!!

Passports in hand..Doug behind the wheel of Carlie’s beloved car..we headed towards the border…in the hopes that  the border line up wouldn’t be too long…


for those of you who are interested in the results of the border line-up?..we arrived at 7 am at the Pacific Border Crossing..surrounded by many vehicles all with the same idea…we crossed into the USA just after 8 am..not too bad considering the fact that on Good Friday the wait was over 3 hours..

Our first stop was gas…$4.15 a gallon( our price in BC is $5.19)..Carlie’s car is now full..onwards we head to the IHOP  in Bellingham for some good ole fashioned food!!..yes, Doug had pancakes..Carlie and I shared Chicken and waffles?..sounds weird I know..but at 1100 calories we figured sharing was a better idea…it was an interesting taste combination..


 with our list in hand..we continued south on the I-5 to the city of Burlington..we made a few stops…Uniform Destination….LuLu Lemon….Costco….Wholesale Sports and Walmart..we supported the USA economy with our purchases…

Now onto the ‘tulips’!!!..$5  to park the ‘nice clean car’ in a  dirty, dusty muddy parking lot…



the car was clean..well at least for a day…our darling daughter is not pleased with me..all in the name of ‘blogging’…she just doesn’t understand!?…


This is our second time to La Conner to visit during ‘tulip time’..there was a sea of colour!!



Now Carlie of, course didn’t want her picture taken?..but I insisted…


She just doesn’t understand this blogging thing..I don’t think she would be able to endure a two week vacation with us!!

IMG_5731 more..I promise…



Doug took over with the camera and took the close-ups of the beautiful tulips…



geesh..isn’t Dad done yet…they look the same from this angle…


one more of our ‘patient daughter’..

now we can go for lunch…


time to head home…Tucker is waiting to be picked up…but first we need to get to the border..


the wait heading north into BC was a short one..only 10 minutes..where you from? long you been gone? value of goods purchased?..did you buy tobacco or alcohol?

have a nice day!!…

One quick car wash for Carlie’s car…and we dropped her off at home and we headed to pick up our ‘boy’..

A tired dog is a happy dog…


another one who is not in a ‘picture taking mood’!!

now..on the horseracing front…Classic Alley Kat ran today at Hastings Park..we bet $2 to win…$21.40 won!!..woohoo…


  1. Incredibly beautiful tulips. I can't imagine seeing that many in full bloom, row after row.
    I guess when mom and dad are gone, Tucker sleeps.

  2. Thank you so much for supporting our economy. We really do appreciate it. LOL And Carlie - just give in because the pictures won't stop. You're right - non blogging folks just don't get it.

    Those tulips are really amazing. Such beautiful colors. And being tuckered out (hee hee) doesn't mean he gets to escape the camera. But he should get an extra something for it. At least that's what Skittlez would tell you.

  3. Wow! That's a whole lot of tulips!

    I could go for waffles for breakfast for sure. But fried chicken? I'd have to think about that for a while.

  4. Beautiful tulip pictures! I've been to that area of Washington many times, but never when the tulips were blooming. I HAVE been to both of the IHOPs in Bellingham, though! ;)

  5. We were in Washington in late May a couple of years ago and didn't see any tulip fields. They sure are pretty!

  6. Sounds like a full day. Great pictures of the tulips and so many colors, I didn't realize they grew them up there.

  7. What a great day - The tulips are beautiful!

  8. I've always wanted to go to the tulip festival but never have made it. You have renewed my determination to get there! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures and the family ones too...they made me smile. Happy Easter!

  9. the tulip pictures are beautiful,
    Skips sister lives in Anacortes and yet we have never been to see the tulips in bloom.

  10. Beautiful tulips ... one of my favorite flowers. There is a small tulip "library" in DC, I wonder if I can fit a trip in to see them over the next couple of days ... hmmmm!

  11. I love all the tulip pictures!! My absolute favorite flower!! :)

    Definitely non-blogging types do not understand! Harry has given in though - and when people come over, he tells them, this is what I live with all the time! LOL

  12. Wow, that was a lot of tulips. Beautiful - definitely worth the trip. Had to laugh about your daughter not 'gettin' the blog thing. People think I'm crazy when I grab the camera for a 'blog moment' or if I say something is 'blog worthy'. Tucker sure seemed 'tuckered' out.

  13. Reminds me of the tulip festival in Michigan. :)

  14. yep, Like the rest said WOW, thats a lot of Tulip's, for sure!! But they are beautiful,,what color. Congrat's for the win!!

  15. I thought I was in Holland there for a minute...Thanks for the trip...They didn't know I was in the trunk when we crossed the border, eh?

  16. What a nice day you had, made better by spending time with your daughter. Glad you were able to get back across the border with all that "contraband" you bought. :c)

    The tulips were incredible, we have to put that on our list of places to see.

  17. Thanks for the pictures of the tulip fields. I haven't been to them for a long time so thanks for the trip.

  18. Thanks for the pictures of home! Love the Blaine sign...our home town. Can't believe we have been gone sine the end of January. The tulips are beautiful and I really love the purple ones. Again thanks for the visit to our home town.

    Happy Easter!!!

  19. Beautiful tulips ~ and daughter and Mother of course!!!

    Is there still a store called Good Cat/Bad Cat at La Conner? We happened to stumble on to it back when we visited before!!


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