Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring is coming???


Is spring here yet??..we are still dressed like it’s winter…??


IMG_5702IMG_5703_1the landscape around our complex is starting to bloom..gone are the drab winter plants … they are now coming to life with colour..
the buds on the trees are popping..

will soon explode into a canopy of green will block some of the traffic noise and  the heat  from the sun in the summer…
the birds have arrived…chirping away….there was this  one..and one just like it with a ‘red head’.they were busy chasing each other..mating season has begun…it  was bigger than a chickadee..??…I am sure some out there in blog ville knows what kind of bird it is???


The Bayfield Bunch lost a ‘four legged friend’ in peace, Checkers…your family will miss you..


  1. Definitely spring is somewhere close by. By the way, your slide show didn't show up for me.

    Fur kids - so much love means heart ache for awhile and then beautiful wonderful memories.

  2. Today I wore a short sleeved shirt for the first time since we left Pismo Beach in February. But I had to change to a long sleeved shirt later in the day. ;)

    (No slide show here, either)

  3. It's been very "springy" where we are...lots of sunshine but very cold nights. Glad spring is showing up at your house!

  4. What you have there is a Downey Woodpecker...the one with the red on it's head is the male.

  5. Spring has been slow in coming to so many places ... let's just hope it stays around when it gets here ... it's my favorite time of the year.

  6. Glad spring is now coming your way...the season is so beautiful. After a drab winter, spring brings new life to plants as well as us humans.
    Take care and be safe.

  7. We had a heavy frost here this morning..I'll wager we go right from Winter into Summer without much Spring in between!..We have those Downy Woodpeckers here too!..I'm still waiting to see a Hummer...They probably figured it was wise to hang out in the South, drinking Margueritas a few more weeks...I should be doing the same!!

  8. The red headed bird may be a house finch, but I think the picture is a woodpecker. Thanks so much for your good wishes on my health.

  9. The sun is still shining but it's too darned cold outside to really do anything! Almost May already - and no spring yet!!

  10. We are in summer in the FL panhandle. Temps every day this week in high 70's and low 80's.

    Soon we will need to head north to cool off.

  11. I'm sitting here at home in Northern Virginia with the air conditioner on. Not trying to rub it in, just like a little warmth, hope you get some soon! :c)

  12. Don't know what that little birdy is, but it sure is a pretty little thing. We were sad to hear about Checkers.

  13. Pet/house sitting in California I've noticed that I have to manufacture complaints about the weather. There's nothing to complain about. So much better than the Northwest.

  14. Hey Doug and Sue,

    Thanks for sending some of that spring down to Long Beach, WA! With nice folks from BC as park neighbors, we've been thinking of you.

    Abbey is especially excited to meet Tucker one of these days....

    Enjoy the great weather,

    Gordon and Juanita


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