Friday, April 8, 2011

Top Ten beaches in Canada!


what are the top ten beaches in Canada?..well..since I love the beach so much…the sound of the waves, the wind..the sand and the surf..perfection in my books..I found it interesting what the top ten are? (as voted on the Trip advisor website)

#1 Tofino, British Columbia..we have visited this area twice..once in 1988 and then again a few years ago..we stayed at Ocean Village Beach Resort both times..and have great memories of the this beautiful beach voted #1 tcb_2011_tofino

#2 Okanagan Valley, British you all know that we spend almost every summer in the winery capital of B.C..a network of lakes and rivers surrounded by mountains..Wineries aplenty..and warm, sunny weather..perfect for a summer getaway..


#3 Parksville, British Columbia…we have only stayed in this area once or twice…our hotel of choice was Tigh Na Mara.Resort and Spa...a little log cabin nestled in the woods..we even spent a Christmas vacation here…the beach at Rathtrevor Provincial Park is a very popular spot with campers and beachcombers…



#4 Cavendish, Prince Edward we have never visited here but according to the survey it is ‘home to Anne of Green Gables’..and Lucy Maud Montgomery…


#5 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island..tourists flock here to chase the fictional character, Anne of Green Gables....but there is also boardwalks, bike riding, restaurants, golfing and theatres to keep the visitors busy…


#6 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

bald eagles, coal mining, migrating whales and Alexander Graham Bell all have Cape Breton in common..and of course Celtic Music..


#7 Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

we have been here to visit our friends Harry and Elaine..we love the views from all the vantage points..home of the Canadian show..The Beachcombers…only a ferry ride away..but it feels like worlds away…



#8 Wasaga Beach, Ontario

the largest fresh water beach in the, we have travelled to the province of Ontario but we have never been to this beach..actually I had never heard of it until today…


#9 Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia….

When I was growing up we spent a few summers at this beach.I can remember one summer burying my brother’s toy truck in the sand and having a heck of time trying to find it….fast forward to 1981 and it was where we went on our honeymoon..we have camped in the area since then and our last visit was in Spring 2010..on the hunt for the ever elusive tulips!!



#10 Galiano Island, British Columbia

“The beach at Galiano Island isn't for sunbathing as much as for beachcombing, or gazing across Salish Sea toward the mainland. This rural Gulf Island with the warm, dry climate in summer is ideal for casual recreation, bird watching, and, if you're lucky, spotting orcas as they breach!”

we have never been to Galiano Island but you can be sure that one day we will get there…


now as I peruse this list..British Columbia has the largest percentage of Canada’s favourite beaches..60%..and we have visited 50% of the top ten..

Doug has always said that I must have been a seagull in my other life..cause I love the beach so much…now as for our favourite beach in the USA..that one is so easy…the Oregon Coast of course!..


we are proud to say we live in Beautiful British Columbia..come on by for a visit if you have never ventured this far west or north!!


  1. Well, looking over those top 10 beaches I can say I have swam in both the Okanagan Valley's Kalamalka & Okanagan Lakes in Vernon BC. Also swam at Ontario's Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay quite a few times many years ago. Been to the Charlottetown Beach on Prince Edward Island & have driven the entire Cabot Trail overlooking the shoreline & beaches of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. And we think our beach right here in Bayfield along the shores of Lake Huron is pretty darn nice too:))

  2. Sue, sometimes I start to think that I am “well traveled”. But then I am once again humbled, as was the case this morning when I read your post. With the possible exception of Wasaga Beach, in Ontario (I have to look that one up), I am certain I have not visited any of the other areas you discussed. Great post, I enjoyed it very much.


  3. Thanks for the tour of the beaches! Hopefully we will get to see some of them someday. The only parts of Canada that I have been to are Ontario and Quebec. I really want to go back to Montreal at some point when we start traveling because I have found out that my great-grandmother is buried there, and I want to find out more about that branch of my family. :) But those beaches look pretty nice too. :)

  4. I forgot to say that I love your new collage for the header. :)

  5. I agree, British Columbia is a gorgeous province! :)

  6. Hi Sue!
    Love the new Header! And I must say I agree with you 100%...cant WAIT to feast my eyes on the waters off Beautiful British Columbia! I don't know how many times I have said "This is the best scenery of our whole trip!"...and that was when we were riding the BC ferry home to Vancouver Island!
    Take care and have a good one!

  7. Wow, your blog was like a travel brochure for British Columbia..We came through there on our way back from Alaska and I fell in love with BC...We will definitley get back there....hopefully before we have to ride in a tour bus!!

  8. Our visits to Canada have thus far focused on the Rockies ... and the polar bears :-) Looks like we have some "beach treats" in store for us. Thanks for sharing the list.

  9. What an absolutely wonderful post, Sue! We will be traveling through British Columbia in early July on our way to Alaska. Have actually decided to take Highway 37 from Prince George and are reading all we can about that beautiful route. Have you traveled that road? Now I have to go again to see where Coquitlam is located. I love the Okanagan country a lot as well.

  10. Great blog, Sue. Happy to see that our own Vancouver Island had 3 of the top 10 beaches in Canada (incl. Galiano).

  11. Love the new header picture. I hope to visit some of your fine beaches when we get up to Canada. Great post.. :)

  12. This is valuable information that you posted, Sue. We haven't been to any of those beaches, but you can bet that some of them are on my bucket list now!

  13. Now I know we really need to get into Canada. You would think that since we lived in MT we would have spent some time in Canada but no such luck. Loved this post.

  14. I have to admit I have not been to any of those. But I sure hope to correct that deficiency over the next few years :)

  15. I'm looking forward to some "beach time" this year. I'll be going to Florida and then driving to Texas, lots of beaches. Maybe I'll make it to Canada next summer.

  16. Sometimes the most popular beach is the one you can get to and enjoy. Beaches are great and I live the sound of the ocean waves coming in.
    Thanks for the list of the top ten.
    Take care and hopes for a good weekend!

  17. Beautiful beaches, we may have to consider another trip to Canada and search out some of these beaches. I agree with you the sound of the waves is so peaceful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful pictures and I love your header!

    Wish you could come and walk the beach at LaPush with me when we get out there! I'll be walking alone since the Hubster's not able. I'll love it!!!

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