Tuesday, April 5, 2011

you say tomato…


you say tomato..I say toe-mat-toe..


..you say potato…I say poe-tat-toe


‘You say it best, when you say nothing at all’..or in the blogging world..we have lots to say!!..just depends how you look at it…

that seems to be the consensus….that this “little ole subject” created some conversation!!.. 

Onward and upward…back to our ‘new cleaning company’..we got paid last night..and very ‘generously too’ I might add..monetarily and with a heartfelt thank you …that means more than all the  $$..

Sure we would be the first to admit we did it for some extra $$..but in our hearts we did it for our friend..so we just want to say ‘you are most welcome’ and we would do it again in a ‘second’!!..

The happiness  on Debbie’s face to see her condo back the way it should have been, meant more than all the ‘magic erasers in the world’..

Have a great day everyone!!…

(post number 350!..)




  1. Glad to see your friend Debbie was pleased with your cleaning job! It sure looked good!

  2. your story about cleaning for your friend and sharing it with us reminded me of this old poem...

    make new friends,
    but keep the old,
    one is silver,
    the other gold.

    I thought it kind of went along with your money making story blog!

  3. Nice 'Springy' header pic. Nothing like that warm feeling inside when a person has been able to do something genuinely nice for someone else.

  4. Glad your friend enjoyed the fruits of your labor, getting paid for it made it even better. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna....

  5. I bet Debbie was thrilled to see her place all sparkley and clean. Good job you two. Thanks for the comment on my heart thing. My daughter did explain about the blood clots. She made me promise to go to the emergency room if I get any worse befor I get home.

  6. I knew Debbie was going to be so happy with her place. Good job guys. Worth every penny.

  7. You two earned every penny...a great job!...and some pocket change to boot!...I hate to clean, but love the feeling of a clean place...Unfortunately no one is here to clean for me, so I tackle it...."He who cuts his own wood is twice warmed"....whatever.

  8. It is nice to have your work appreciated and of course, money never hurts either :)

  9. At least you know how much work a cleaning service would be. I think you would do great in that business if you didn't mind putting in the elbow grease. Maybe someday an on-the-road business cleaning the insides of RVs? Just a thought, anyway.

    I say those are good looking ta-may-toes and poe-tay-toes!

  10. Thanks for your comments on our blog. I read your last few here. I love IHOP! But you know who has even better pancakes? Black Bear Diner! But they are only in California I think. We have changed our eating habits too and dont eat out and dont eat the foods like pancakes... but we splurged on our trip home, and it was wonderful!

  11. Yes,cleaning. How wonderful that you were able to help out a friend. Nice to have some'pin money' as my mother used to say, for your work efforts. Not looking forward to clearing/cleaning out a 3500 sq ft house shortly!


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