Saturday, May 21, 2011

going to new heights…


Saturday morning and the sun is out..with a few clouds…there is a threat of rain in forecast but the weather is one thing we cannot control..

breakfast was prepared by ‘moi’..scrambled egg with green onion, tomato, bacon and cream cheese with strawberries and orange juice on the side…


no longer are we deemed trailer trash…we sat outside at the picnic table and ate our one has turned off the raging torrent as yet..the water keeps coming..along with it some debris are going for rides along the  rapids…..floating logs…a ‘blue ‘beach ball?’…just to name a few…

We spent the balance of the morning going to ‘new heights’…


up to the top of Stemwinder Mountain…1430 meters? upwards of 6000 feet?..{sorry can’t look it up to for my American readers. my ‘google’ is not working here campsite #21…}



yes, folks that ‘white stuff is snow’…1430 meters above sea level..middle of May and we hit some snow…

headed back down the mountain…


we then headed for a surprise visit to the ‘birthday boy’!..Happy 57th birthday, Ron!!…their friend Rick was visiting from New Brunswick..via Kelowna, Nanaimo and Vancouver…IMG_6090

we first met Rick in 1985 when Carlie was just ‘wee baby’


and then again about two years later before they headed to the Great White North…


..there was also some ‘shopping’ done while we were at Ron and Karen’s…we were in need of a few roll of paper towel, a few more garbage bags, firewood and a jug of water..thanks guys!..

on the way west again..the rain was coming down..oh no..there is no  tarp?? the time we got back to the campsite…it was only drizzling a bit…things were  a bit wet but not a big deal…we dried things off and settled in for the afternoon…

That was until we discovered that the car charger for the cell phones didn’t work..back out again towards the town of  Princeton…one car charger and a drive down the Old Hedley Road…and a little mud on the tires…


then Doug spotted this little marmot on a rock…he looks like he has a ‘snoring problem?’ that not a ‘breathe right strip across his nose?’


so that concludes our Saturday at Stemwinder..thanks for riding along..

I am signing out from my computer station at the picnic table..tomorrow there will be a hat on my head..I see a bad hair day in my not too distant future..oh well, that’s camping!!!


dinner is now done..we have had a campfire..made a couple of s’mores for dessert  but the rain is coming down..we are huddled in the tent…with our chairs, and the crib board…now that the crib game is over ..Doug is playing ‘angry bird’ on his phone..Tucker is asleep on our bed…and so ends a rainy evening…we are hoping for sunny skies or at least a dry day tomorrow……hope the rain and raging river don’t keep us awake..!!

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  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to have sunshine tomorrow. I have hat days often especially when we are boondocking. Works for me. Sounds like a really nice time even with the rain.


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