Sunday, May 1, 2011

“honey, we’re here!!”


Early morning ferry ride on the Queen of Oak Bay..



the hour and 45 minute ride across the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island went  quickly..we had coffee/tea....took a few pictures…and before we knew it we were almost in Nanaimo..the sky was blue..but the wind was blowing…it was a ‘hang onto your hat’ moment to get this photo from the top deck of the ferry…


After being off-loaded from the ferry…we arrived in Nanaimo..


we stopped for a quick breakfast…


back in the jeep…heading south down the Malahat Highway…towards Cowichan Bay…

finally a face to face meeting of the ‘blogging teacher’ and the ‘blogging student’..

yes, folks we had scones/biscuits and blackberry jam..delicious..

trust me..they were yummy….just as good as they looked…

the token gift from us to them for their generous hospitality..


{Kenya bold coffee..two lemon/sage scented candles..and green waffle weave dish clothes…}

We now know  yet another ‘tour guide’ who knows how to show off the neighbourhood…


a driving tour of the capital of British Columbia..Victoria and all the view points along the shorelines..

With Rick behind the wheel of the Honda van (with the new wheel)..we drove the ‘Marine Scenic Drive’..along the way stopping at the pull-outs to take the token ‘blog-worthy’ photos

Ogden Point…our first photo opportunity…



We turned east onto Dallas road..and then followed the coast meanders past Beacon Hill Park, Clover Point..


and yes, we asked someone take a picture of the four of us together…

the views were spectacular..the Olympic Range was behind the clouds in the distance …the Juan de Fuca  and Haro Straits  were ready and willing to be photographed…


our last stop on our tour after driving through the ‘ritzy neighbourhood’ called the ‘uplands’..lots of ‘fancy shmancy’ homes….you know the kinds with the big gates…

We climbed up to the top of Mount Tolmie for a view of the area..



just take a ‘little step back boys’…


we had a lovely afternoon touring around our provincial capital..thanks for showing us all the ‘highlights’ this afternoon…we hope one day we can return the favour!!

stay tuned for post #2…


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day of sightseeing ... and the weather cooperated.

  2. Looks like you had a really fun day with great people. But now I'm jealous. Scones and jam - wow.

  3. Appears to have been a great day!!!

  4. Beacon Hill Park is one of our favourite places in Victoria! We sure will miss Ian's ferry passes...a nice bonus from when he worked a he ferries before our trip


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