Friday, May 20, 2011

just call us crazy..


via the front seat of the jeep…this is being written…we are on the Hope Princeton Highway….we left home at 9:45..the jeep is stuffed to the roof and above..all secured and tied down..we head east towards our ‘campsite’..but not before a fill up of gas in Hope at $1.26 a litre… and McDonalds for lunch..

Our first stop on the highway was because of some pretty flashing lights and a laser gun..the nice gentleman wanted to give us a ‘lovely blue piece of paper’..the speed limit was 80 km an hour..and our ‘Freeway’ was enjoying feeling the wind a bit too much…the cost of this ‘little blue note’?..$113 if we pay within 30 days!…geesh, ‘Freeway’….the month of May continues to be a great one!!




our usual ‘pit stop’…Tucker goes for a run in the doggy area at the Manning Park Lodge…as you can see by the look on his face..we have encroached on his back seat space with all our stuff!!..sorry ‘little buddy’ it will all be worth it!..


we have arrived safely at Stemwinder Provincial Park..home for the next few days..Campsite #21..right along the Simillkemeen is a raging torrent so Tucker much to his dismay will not be going swimming!..



so as we sit here tonight quietly enjoy the sights and sounds of camping once again…the fire is going and the river is raging past…


the land of no internet or cell service…but here I sit at the picnic table….on the laptop..using the much appreciated program..Live Writer…IMG_6058



can we go to bed now!!.I am so tired!!!…this camping thing is hard work…


  1. What a fabulous campsite! But it looks like the river is going to come into your site...
    I'll bet Tucker is having a great time. Enjoy yourselves - and pour me a glass. :)

  2. Poor Tucker. All that fresh water sound and a leash that keeps him from it!

  3. I am so jealous! My google countdown device says I have 67 days left before I leave but I am making such good progress I may be able to depart a month early. I truly admire your spirit!

  4. Let me know how you get up off of the bed tomorrow morning! :)

  5. In the land of no cell phones or internet you seem to be very well connected....I am with Judy and Emma...I want to know how you get out of the bed in the morning...don't spare the details...

  6. Boy - Freeway must have really been excited to be headed down the road. That river is really roaring - so keep Tucker close whether he likes it or not. And I, too, want to hear all the details about getting up because I know I couldn't do it.

  7. What a great spot ... wish I was there now :-)

  8. I guess Freeway was so excited about starting the weekend and getting to the campground he forgot to look at the odometer!!

  9. Beautiful site :) We've never been there but certainly we have stopped at that same McDonalds many times as we pass through that area. Sorry to hear about that ticket...I think our speed limits need to change especially after this trip through the States. Most places have nice speed Canada they seem tolike the same limits they probably had when model T's roamed the roads! Come on Canada let's take a look at our speed limits!


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