Friday, May 13, 2011


Are we all just a number??..take a number..have a many times have we all heard those words?..what is your cell number?..your home phone number?..your visa number???…how old are you?….every answer is filled with numbers..

Friday the 13th?..superstitious?..not me..just another day in the 5th month of the year 2011..more numbers to fill our heads with..


Today was the first day in almost 35 years that I now have a new ‘employer’..don’t panic..I still work at the same place doing the same thing but today all of the Medical Imaging Departments in the Fraser Health Authority have been taken over by Vancouver Coastal Health..a managerial shuffle amalgamation?? many other big words to describe the fact that we are now a separate entity from Fraser Health Authority..


What does this mean to those of us who work in Medical Imaging..well nothing really has changed..just a new logo on our sign in forms to fill out...and the fact that we can now apply for other jobs at different hospitals and the realization that employees from other hospitals can do the same…there is now  a consolidated seniority list…

The one thing that has changed for me is the fact that since June 30, 1976 I was employee number 01187..that is no more..I now have a new number after almost 35 years of being the old is hard to teach an old ‘dawg’ a new trick..and a new number…so much for things not changing…so for now I will have to learn my new number….and be proud to say that I work for Vancouver Coastal Health..

My head is already full of numbers..what’s one more to remember…

Are we just a number in the grand scheme of things…or do we all really matter??just-a-number-marcus-kett


  1. Yes, we DO all really matter. I hope this change will bring good things to the employees. Sometimes it's a little scarey, but ends up being good for everyone. Hope your new number is a good one! :)

  2. Yes, & even bodily functions can be described by numbers. A lot of folks refer to themselves as number 1. Some of us just refer to ourselves & others with a 'number' of names. 24/7 has become a popular catch phrase as well as 911. How about switching alphabet soup to 'number' soup. Well, for a 'number' of reasons I have to go now. Maybe got something to do my first line....:))

  3. Have to wonder what number I might be on a worldwide population basis ... so small as to be insignificant. Yet, I know I count ... therefore I am. May the transition to a new employer name be smooth.

  4. YES... I believe we matter. You matter to me ♥ People just like
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Numbers everywhere...can't believe we remember all our different numbers and passwords we use on a daily routine.
    You may be a number at work, but to us you are Doug & Sue!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Numbers are o.k. with me as long as it's not "your numbers up"!

  7. We are just numbers as long as we want or need to participate in the "system" Dropping out might require some other numbers :)

    And lets not forget all the password numbers. I currently have 6 pages of them I have to refer to get my own information from all kinds of places :(

  8. The funny thing about me and numbers..I can remember numbers pretty well...I know Den's social security no., my own, phone numbers are way easy for me stick in my brain..I even still remember our IATA number we used when I was a travel agent..14603676...BUT...when introduced to someone new, I have forgotten their name after "hello"...Also strange, I HATE Sudoku, but love crossword puzzles.Sudoku requires logic, and I have none..Good luck with your change at work...Sometimes change is a good way to stir the pot and keep it interesting, eh??

  9. You mater. I mater. We all mater to someone.

  10. Yes, we all play the numbers game everyday. I thought when we retired we would get away from all the numbers, but not so, we still deal with them everyday. Great post, Sue. :)

  11. Rick's right, so long as my number's not "up" I'm happy. But, geez, all those passwords and user ID's tend to drive me crazy sometimes.


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