Tuesday, May 17, 2011

puppets on a string?


As the month of May is more than half over..has it been a good one?..no, not really…the weather has left a bit to be desired..and our moods seem to go along with the dark and rainy days..and even when the sun does shine??….which  hasn’t been all that often…

{no offense, Rick and Paulette..you were the one bright spot this month}

We are both feeling like a ‘puppets on a string’….and someone else seems to have ‘control of all  the strings’..


Maybe one day we will have control of the ‘strings’ but for now we will have to do what the ‘puppet  master’ wants …

The month of May has not brought out the best in us…second year in a row where we have both said…’ I hate the month of May’!!..nothing seems to go right in May!..



Why?…it is a birthday month for both of us..you would think we would like it…another year older..another year wiser??..{well maybe not so much}…another year closer to the magic year…now there is a positive note!!

We are hoping that June will be a better month..and the ‘puppet master’ will loosen up…

So come on June ..hurry up and get here…we are so ready to ‘slam the door’ on May..flip the calendar over and say adios May!!!


  1. I have also had a difficult May so far. Some things have been good, but my emotions and thoughts have been gloomy.

  2. I think many of us have felt this way all during the month. Certainly the long and continuous dark rainy days have not improved the aches, pains, or moods. While I am rarely one to rush my days along, I think I am ready to make an exception and look forward to June.


  3. Sorry you are feeling down - hope things turn around soon! :) Warm weather and sunshine will help I'm sure. I don't know about your area - but it seems like we've had a lot of rain and cloudy days this spring.

    Did you just change your header picture, or have I missed it? As soon as your page loaded, I saw the picture and said noooo! - I think I have some sort of psychological snow trauma disorder.

  4. I'm sorry May has not been a good month for you. Hope sunshine and a kinder-gentler puppet master brighten your days and your spirit soon.

  5. Maybe better weather will help you. I know sunshine and blue skies always work for me! Hang in there...your blogger friends are with ya!

  6. hang in there, sunny days are on the way~~

  7. This has been the coldest May in Chicago in over 65 years...AND my birthday is in May also..I will be 63...My Mom died at 64, and Dad at 67, so I feel a little nervous :-(
    But, HEY!! June is always warmer, right?? :-)

  8. Sunshine and warm days are just around the corner. Really!!!
    Hang in there!

  9. A few radical Christian groups are predicting the world will end on May 21, 2011. Now, that would really make May a 'downer' of a month!

  10. Good luck with June! Maybe there is a guide to dealing with puppet managers.

  11. Sorry you are so down this month. I hope it turns out to be a good month for me and they finally get my meds. figured out. I think we are all sick of gray skies and rain..

  12. I have always liked May until maybe this year...we'll see how the weather is for the last half of the month and maybe I'll like it again.
    As you and Doug both know, since you were both celebrating it with us 30 years ago...it's mine and Bob's wedding anniversary in May....could you please tell me where those 30 years went!?

  13. I always have high expectations for the month of May, and every year I am disappointed. The weather just does not cooperate. I've been sick with a cold the last week and that didn't do anything to endear me to May this year! I'm on the mend now, and the sun is out today, so things are looking up.

  14. Gueeezzzz... so sorry to hear you're both having a bad May. I hope it turns around for you guys and ends up GREAT!!!

  15. Well, it's encouraging for me to see a lot of folks expressing their true feelings to your post. People admitting that they too are feeling down. I expressed some thoughts in my blog last night & got hit with some comments about moaning & complaining. Some people just do not get it. Some prefer to hide from their feelings, many deny their feelings & just as many put up a false front & would have the rest believe they have no down feelings. I & a handful of others like yourself have always tried to be honest & forthcoming with our thoughts & feelings. Wished I could say that for everyone here in Blog Land.

  16. The weather has a huge effect on how I feel. Winter just drives me crazy but we are lucky that in the south our winters aren't THAT bad. Still, I hate the "dead look" of everything. Hang in there cause June is just around the corner!!
    Thanks for the honesty.....being "real" is what I like best from myself as well as others. :-)

  17. Maybe the next time we come back to Langley we could get together. Try to cheer you up.

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