Wednesday, May 11, 2011

‘Raising them right’


In my line of work I have the pleasure of meeting  many different kinds of people..this week I had the ‘pleasure’..and I use that word loosely…of meeting a 17 year old boy..

Never have I met a boy filled with such hatred, profanity and lack of respect for  the employees at the hospital…

His vocabulary is abusive and not fit for print..he  is racist, and is very quick to anger..he had a ‘name for me today’…not a nice one either…

I asked him how someone so young can be so bitter?..he said it was because of ‘people like me?’..

Scary!!.. is what this young man is..he use to be someone’s cute little can this happen??..he is heading down the wrong path and I am sure that one day soon he will meet up with the wrong person..and either wind up back in the hospital, in jail or in the morgue…

Where are the parents in this situation? where to be seen…Being a parent is a privilege not a right…and his parents need a lesson in how to raise a child…

It's not only children who grow.  Parents do too.  As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.  I can't tell my children to reach for the sun.  All I can do is reach for it, myself.  ~Joyce Maynard’

We have been blessed with one daughter in our life....she is not perfect but she is ours..and we are proud of her for what she has become…

Has she been raised right?..well, we tried our best..we have made mistakes along the way but we know that she would NEVER treat anyone like this young man did…and for that we  are  most grateful….manners and respect go a great distance.

I have told ‘many a grumpy patient’ that ‘you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar’…but that little saying wasn’t going to work on this ‘boy’!..the good news?..he went home today!..thank God!


‘have you ever met someone that made you think?..’This is the sperm that won? bad were the losers?’


  1. Not everyone like that boy is a victim. He might just be the bad seed!

  2. It is so sad to see young people so embittered and nasty. Makes you it nurture or nature? How much was he influenced by TV, music, video games, the internet? But I think there is something in all of us that tells us right from wrong. In the end, it is the idividual's choice as to how they behave and what they become. Many, sadly, choose the wrong path. I like your final line...and yes, I have met some people who made me wonder just that!

  3. How sad for that young man. To be so unhappy so young. We had difficulty raising our son through those horrible teen years but he has turned into such a nice young man. Still has his moments, but his fiance has such a good influence on him. Love is what got us through it. Doesn't sound like this young man has any love at home.

  4. Who knows that that young man's problems were, but even at that age, he needs to take some responsibility for his actions. Let's hope and pray that he can turn his attitude around, and soon.

  5. Having a close friend who has been a foster parent for over 22 years, I have heard many stories and met many of her foster children. You'd be surprised where the anger and attitudes have grown from. Yes there are many who are just "bad seeds" but there are also many who know no better. It's made me think twice before a form an opinion of a young person.
    Having four sons of my own, I know raising a child is not easy nor is there any one way to do it. Too many parents don't want to parent and leave it up to the "village" to do it. It's a sad, sad world some times.

  6. At the risk of criticism from some, I will relate an experience from my Police days, one night we had the pleasure of taking a similar 17 year old boy, to the Emergency Room, He had beaten his mother and in the course of fighting three rather large Police Officer had sustained a large cut on his head, First thing he did when he was tied, yes I said tied to the treatment table, was spit on the front of this young nurses dress.I watched with interest as the Doctor saw this and when the nurse brought the tray with the equipment over to sew him up including some zylacane syringes to numb it, he ignored the pain killer and started to suture one surture at a time about a dozen stitches, as he would do each one the kid would let out with a hollar, and I swear the Doc had this little smile on his face as hie went about his work. When he was finished the boy head lost all the fight and was teary eyed like most young boys would be with a dozen stitches in his head, sad to say it wasn't long and that young man left for a stretch in the penitentiary for his first adult crime. WE are like you and have thanked God our 4 boys turned out the way they did, not perfect, but good kids and respectful, I'm sure Donna deserves more credit than I did, Mom's always seem to crack the whip at home when it comes to discipline.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. It makes you wonder was it the parents or is he just someone who can't be helped... I too am thankful for such wonderful children. Like you they are both nurses and would never treat anyone like that. Thank goodness he is checking out today!
    Have fun & stay strong

  8. I won't go into what I personally think about many of todays youth but instead turn to 5 young people I have had the pleasure to know for nearly 18 years now. Those 5 are all Kelly's children & I have to say what fine young people they have all turned out to be. Despite a broken home in their teen-age years I give all the credit for their successful personalities directly to their Mother. So much of it is caring parenting. I come from a broken home as a young boy but that is another story with a much different result!!

  9. Regrettably, there seems to be a fair number of this type of young person out there.

    I have had to hire/fire hundreds of folks over the years and I have seen a definite trend downhill in the attitude of the youngest applicants. I cannot really say if there is a universal cause, but if I had to guess, it is often an entitlement attitude. That the world owes them something just because the exist.

  10. I'm guessing that if you met up with that kid's Father, if he isn't in jail, your experience might be even worse.

  11. It is sad that some of our young people end up like this guy. BUT you can't rule out the impact drugs may have on behaviors.

  12. Unfortunately, sometimes kids are "scarred", not scared..and the scars are not always visible. When I used to walk in the AM, I would always meet some "snarly gang types" walking to school. When I walk, I always smile and say "Good Morning" to people I meet. I used to cross the street rather than crowd them, but got tired of feeling intimidated. So I decided to stay firm, and when I met one, I would smile a big 'ol smile and say "Good Morning"..Amazingly, I sometimes got one right back..Hey, maybe mine was the only "Good Morning" they got, right?
    I refuse to think babies can be born "bad"..Like a lump of clay, they need to be caring parents AND our society ,(which sometimes is the problem!)

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