Monday, May 30, 2011

A recap of May!


as the month of May is now drawing to a is filled with many birthdays and Happy Birthday and Happy anniversary to everyone who celebrates this month!!

Doug’s birthday was first…he turned 52 at the beginning of the  month…


then there was Mother’s Day..


Ron’s birthday..57


then there was mine…the big 52..


the very next day? parent’s 55th anniversary..


a couple of days later…my friend Robbie and her husband, Bob  celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary..both Doug and I can say ‘we were there, thirty years ago…where has the time gone???..(I stole this photo from her Facebook)


today, May 30th our beloved first golden would have been 18 years old…


and our ‘Rving friends, Paul and Mary are celebrating their 25th anniversary today…(another Facebook picture steal)


as the month of May has only one more day..we are glad to flip the calendar on this one..hasn’t been an easy 31 days…onward to the month of June…it just has to be better!!..

Three years from tomorrow is the earliest date that could be my last day at work…..only 1095 more days to go!!..I can do it!!!..we are keeping an eye on the prize!!!


  1. My goodness - lots of Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries. What a great month. The prize is worth it so hang in there.

  2. A month of celebrations should have been a better one for you than it has been ... may June be better ... and may this comment post :-)

  3. Just remember time flies when yer havin fun, & Good things happen to good people. It won't be long and your dream will come true, We are waiting for ours to start. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. We have about two years to go (maybe) so I guess both of us will make it to the prize.

    Have a good week.

  5. Dennis and I were 55 and 61 when we "hit the road" as first time RV' will be right on track..Except that we aren't fulltime...Hang in there!!!

  6. What an event filled month you've had!

  7. Umm....maybe the next time you steal a photo you could find a better one of me!!! ;-)

  8. Celebrations are fun! Congrats to all, and such happy faces .... I decided not to wait till the 55 number for work... do not regret it one bit!

  9. I loved this overview of the month post. Only 52?!?!? such a young thing you are, Sue. Ditto to E2, "May this comment post", although I downloaded Chrome and seem to be having better luck this morning, except of course on E2's blog!

  10. If May was bad, then June has to be better, right? ;) You got in a lot of celebrations during the merry month of May!

  11. whew, that was a long chapter...I need a nap now!


    stupid blogger/guess who sent this!

  12. With all those birthday celebrations going on how could May be such a bad month? Maybe we'll get better weather in June and that will help for sure, I think!

  13. Thanks so much for the good wishes! Here's to an awesome June!

  14. May the days fly by, but be enjoyed.

  15. Boy, the fun you've had and you're not even retired yet. When that time comes, you'll really have to hang on to your hat, the way you fly around! :c)

  16. It was an active month for sure and so will be June for us! Time is flying and before you know it you'll be retired and hopefully traveling the road with the rest of us!!!
    Have fun

  17. Wow!! That is alot of celebrating for one month!! May is certainly a busy month for you guys.

    Sorry I am so late with my comments but we have not had internet while in Nashville. It is amazing how lost you feel when you can't get online.

  18. Sorry I missed your birthday Sue :) Hope you had an amazing day! I am trying to play blog reading catch up tonight :) I have such little time on the computer while traveling that I get behind on reading blogs I would normally read all the time at home.


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