Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the case of the missing…?


My job is one thing I try not to write about on my blog..there has been the odd entry with regards to my place of employment and the ‘people’ I work with..it is the kind of job that you go to work..do your job and when your day is done..it is done..until the next day....that was until yesterday…

What happened yesterday?..well, my job is to bring patients to the Medical Imaging department for their x-rays and other assorted exams…on average a normal day involves at least 40 transfers…times 5 days a week..200 a week or 1000 in a month…with each patient we are to bring the ‘chart’…I have never lost/misplaced a chart in all the years that I have been doing this job..

that was until yesterday..A ‘stat transfer’ right after lunch..pre-op patient..the operating room was waiting..

I went upstairs to get the patient..it  wound up being  an isolation case and a bed instead of a wheelchair….wrapped the chart in a towel…put on my gloves and yellow gown on...put the chart  on the bed..and waited for my helper…within 20 minutes of arriving in the department..the operating room porters were there to pick her up…and the chart?..no where to be found?..where is it?…did you bring it?..we can’t find it ??

We searched and searched..everywhere you could imagine..in the laundry hampers....on the ward..in the patient room…no chart?..did I really bring it with me??..I felt like I was going crazy?..

The patient went to the O.R waiting area…the surgery wound up being cancelled ..why?..no chart?!!

This chart  cannot just walk away?..someone took it and put it somewhere it didn’t belong?…there were numerous phone calls..did you find it????..no results…the ever elusive chart is still ‘AWOL’!!

Fast forward to this morning..this ‘chart losing episode’ was still on my mind…..

I went to the infamous ward of the lost chart…the charge nurse told me that they had found the chart late last night in Emergency Department?…

how did it get there?..no one is ‘owning up’….I was just relieved that it was found…it didn’t get there by itself..someone took it on a trip to Emergency and never paid any attention to the name or the ward!..

The mystery is partially solved…at least the chart was found…and hopefully the patient was able to have her surgery today!

Needless to say I was very careful today..keeping close tabs on all the charts and patients that I was in contact with..not that I am not normally but yesterday was an ‘eye opening’ experience…

I am the one who always thinks..’what if the patient died because of this?..what if the family found out?..what if the media got involved?..I can only hope that this incident will not happen again!!..at least not where I am involved.

a Tucker update…the sores are healing nicely…he still has the two bald patches..the medications are being taken every day…our golden boy is on the mend..and thanks to everyone for the get well wishes!..woof woof!!




  1. Wondering what happened will probably give you a few sleepless hours until you can put it behind you.

    Glad Tucker is on the mend. Woof to him too.

  2. I can understand that you don't want to post much about your job, but what you do post is always interesting. Having been in the hospital a couple of years ago for my open-heart surgery, I have a new respect for the people who do transfer. Some were patient and kind, others seemed to not care that I could feel every bump in the "road". I never even thought about my chart being transferred, but I imagine it made the trips with me!

  3. Well, didn't anyone tell you that charts have feet and can just walk away ;-) All kidding aside, I can imagine it was a stressful incident for you. Here's to no more wandering charts.

  4. I can just imagine how freaked out you were. I'm glad the chart was located...the poor patient.

    Good to hear Tucker is doing better!

  5. That had to be stressful!!! Glad Tucker is on the mend.

  6. Wow...a very gut wrenching day for you..I worked as a Nurse's Aide in our hospital and charts were like the Holy Grail. Someone scooped that one up by mistake and didn't want to own up...You had to be heartsick, as I would have been. Glad it turned out OK..now ...go relax and keep the countdown going!!

  7. When I was working, if I "lost" a person's information, it wasn't real serious. They may have thought it was, but I can guarantee you it wasn't. I always hated it when people just walked into my area and helped themselves to files in my desk. The drawers had no locks. But when I found out who did it, usually that was the first and last time they did it. That kind of stress we do NOT need. Hope today is so much better.

    Tucker is lookin' good. Glad the medicine is working.

  8. What a miserable day at work for you. Hope today goes more smoothly.

  9. I can't imagine what in the world happened, and I guess you may never know either. It's good to know that there are people like you who spend years doing a great job and hopefully only a rare few who don't seem to care. Thanks for writing about this.

  10. Sounds like a very stressful time at work. Be proud of your record of never losing a chart. Glad to hear good ole' Tucker is getting better. Woof to ya' Tucker.

  11. Sorry to hear about your stressful day at work...today will be better.

    Glad to hear Tucker is doing better. Hugs to him and Poppy sends kisses!!

  12. How scary that must have been for you. Can you not check records to see how the patient is doing? I would want to know, or maybe not..Stay safe...

  13. Had I been in your position I would have had the exact same thoughts you did plus I would have probably taken on the guilt of the chart going missing whether it was my fault or not. When I used to transfer wheelchair clients to medical facilities in the mobility van I either had the client hold on to their own sealed manilla envelope charts or I tried to fasten it to the wheelchair somehow. If I put it up in the front seat I would forget to take it in with the person almost every time & would have to rush back out to the van & bring in the patients info. Nothing as critical as having to cancel an operation or an appointment but it sure bugged me every time I forgot that manilla envelope!!

  14. That must have been unnerving. I think I would do poorly at that job. These days I seem to misplace stuff all the time.

  15. Reads like a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mystery...with a positive result.

  16. Better to lose the chart than the patient!! Glad to see Tucker is improving and looking better.

  17. So happy to hear that everything ended well. It is a horrible sinking feeling when something like that goes missing and you feel like it is your fault even when you know it's not.

    Glad to hear that Tucker is on the mend.

    Kevin and Ruth

  18. Don't be too hard on yourself. I know it is hard to have a mistake happen on your watch, but you didn't so anything wrong.

    Sooner or later, the guilty party will be identified and your pristine reputationwill be vindicated.

    I'm sure you're happy that Tucker is healing well, it's no fun when our four legged friends are sick.

  19. You know exactly what you did, but then the doubts start to creep in. How awful for you. So glad the chart was found.

  20. I can only imagine how freaked you must have been! I am glad the chart was found the next day and all is well now.
    Tucker is looking good and glad he is feeling better.

  21. Sorry you had such a rough day and so many fingers were pointed at you. I'd carry that same guilt too even if it wasn't my fault. We are all only human and they should be proud of your otherwise sparkling record! Glad the chart was found and Tucker is doing better.

  22. What a stressful day at work, sorry to hear you had to deal with that! People really shouldn't walk off with things that aren't theirs.
    Tucker looks great! Good to see him looking so healthy.


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