Sunday, June 5, 2011

I’d rather ride around with you…


The sun finally came out for two days in a row!!…we spent Saturday doing our usual weekend Sunday we were FREE!!…

the roof is off..lunch is packed..and we headed west….and then north…


destination for this beautiful day…and only 75 kilometers from our house…Fullscreen capture 05062011 83158 PM


“Porteau Cove has been very popular with Squamish and Vancouver residents for many years. The name “Porteau'” (porte d’eau) when translated from French to English means “water’s gate'” 

The day use area was very busy..parking lot was full of all kinds of people enjoying the sunny day..this is a popular place for there was quite the collection of oxygen tanks, fins and wet suits…

We managed to get a parking space and a picnic table..this was our view for lunch…


Tucker made a couple of new ‘friends’…they looked kind of like him…

meet ‘Udon and Noodle’..



sorry swimming this afternoon…unless of course you want to go to  the ‘slammer’..darn government rules…poor ‘little buddy’



At Porteau Cove there is also a campground..44 sites ….some on the waterfront..all with 30 amp power, for a nightly fee of $38??…a bit steep in the $$$ department but by the look of full sites on a Sunday..must be worth the  money…


these two were our favourites..#21 and #22..


we strolled through the campground…and headed to the lookout and view point…it overlooks Howe Sound and Porteau Cove…


IMG_6143now it is time for all the ‘birders in blogland’…can you tell me what these are ???IMG_6144


one last look at the water…sorry Tucker…we will find you another place to go swimming..


and so ends another Sunday drive in the lives of ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’…this won’t be the last time we visit this lovely shoreline park….thanks for riding along….


  1. And a blog-worthy day it was! I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  2. Beautiful park! I think maybe the camp sites are worth the $$$. A view like that is priceless. Thanks for letting us ride along on your adventure.

  3. Poor Tucker, Tell him his buddy Rigg's got to swim Sunday at the doggie park, he was so played out when he got home he went into the family room and crashed on the conch.He will be lonely the next couple days. were going to the Lake and they don't allow dogs in the Lake anymore so without anyone to keep him company at the campground I am leaving him home with my son. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Good old British Columbia. Everytime I see pics of BC it just makes me want to pack things up here & move back to BC again. I just loved the few years I spent in the Okanagan Valley years ago. Maybe you guys aren't on the road yet but in the meantime you live in the most picturesque Province in Canada & I have seen all of them.....except Newfoundland.

  5. This place is certainly a winner in my book. What a wonderful outing you guys had. I would probably pay that price to have a camping site with those views. :-)

  6. You guys live in a beautful part of the country.

  7. For views like that, I would have paid the price ... nice little gem of a park you have there.

  8. Looks like a great spot but agree that $38 is a little steep! It was a wonderful top down day here yesterday too!

  9. Thanks for the ride! I LOVE BC..would like to do the Cassiar Hwy drive to Alaska many totem poles!!
    I knew Judy would know those darn birds..

  10. Those are very attractive swallows. Love, love, love the parks you have been sharing with us. Feel sorry for Tucker though. Stay cool.

  11. Poor Tucker, it must have been torture for him to see all that water and not be able to swim.

    He must be very patient to sit still like that. What a great (doggy) friend he is!

  12. That was one fun Sunday! Beautiful scenary. I bet it was a bit hard for Tucker though not to get to run free and swim. Oh well, diversity of experience can be expansive.

  13. Are we loving this sunny weather, or what?

  14. Another great park to visit for a day or to camp for a bit. Tucker sure looked like he was itching to go for a swim.

  15. Always nice to see those familiar pix of Porteau Cove. Great diving spot - but sadly not for canines. Thanks for the sunny views.

  16. What a great day you had. Love the area and the "blue" sky.

    We love the scenery out here in Nova Scotia, but I think British Columbia is of our Favorite provinces.

    Kevin and Ruth

  17. Wow, it would be hard to beat those views!

  18. what a beautiful campground! I would love to get out there sometime. And I can relate, I know my dog would be itching to go for a swim there too!

    (p.s. I am a new follower, and really enjoying reading your blog!)

  19. Wow, really beautiful pictures..
    Looks like my kind of place!

  20. So glad you are getting out and exploring all these pretty places. Beautiful scenery. I think that campground was worth that price.


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