Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It has a been a wild ride….


as I write this the score is 4-0 for the Boston Bruins..and only  a few minutes left to play…will we win?…not this time…..


The 2011 hockey playoffs are coming to a what are we going to do now that it is over? more hockey nights…no more jerseys

canucks_2011_stanley_cup_nhl_finals_jersey more flags….no more ‘Go Canucks Go’….....until next year…we will be waiting in the Fall to cheer on the Canucks again for another year!!!!..113086_fc

once a Canucks fan always a Canucks fan…hold your heads up high, boys…this year is history but there is always next year!!..thank for the ‘ride’!!!!



  1. Dave and I watched all seven games and were rooting for the Canucks, but it wasn't meant to be.

  2. Boo Hoo! It should have been ours! We sure have missed being home for the playoffs...I guess now we can cancel the satelitte on the trip as we only got it for hockey! Next year boys!!! Each year we get closer and of these times it will be ours!

  3. Hey, it's good to be back in Bloggyland, catching up on everyone!

  4. Sorry... I know you're sad!!!

  5. I feel your pain...Blackhawks went down the drain early this year..Like the Cubs.."Wait until next year"..yeah, right.

  6. Sorry.... BUT it was a great season!!

  7. It was a disappointing night in more ways than one.

  8. Congratulations to the Canucks on a great season... anything can happen in a game 7 situation... Hopefully they have a great season again next year! I enjoyed being on the Canuck bandwagon, but will always be a Leaf fan!

  9. Sorry, but didn't even know it was going on... My game is football, and I love Nascar. Good luck next year.

  10. Yeah! We have our lives back. No more hockey. Bring on the BC Lions Football season! Now we're talking!!!

    The buffoons (who incited the riot) are quickly being served with legal papers. Looking forward to long jail terms for these perps. Hurray for social media and all of that great evidence.

  11. How are you guys doing? I have missed you! I hear that summer has sprung in BC?!


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