Thursday, June 9, 2011

a new hairstyle?


Our golden boy is sporting new hairstyle?..We have been doing battle with a  couple of ‘hotspots on his neck and face and today we came to terms with the fact that a vet visit was going to be necessary…he was scratching and licking constantly..and when I left for work this morning the sores were bleeding…

What are hot spots?..I found this picture on Google..( most of the pictures are of golden retrievers..I think we are doomed to have issues with this)


…the medical term is ‘Acute Moist is a bacterial skin infection that can appear very rapidly. These can happen in any local area and either itch or create an inflammatory response. The dog may scratch, itch, rub, lick or chew the area which only aggravates  the problem. Hot spots should be treated at the onset in order to prevent them from spreading to other areas.’

this is the top of Tucker’s head..


and the side of his neck…


we are now ‘armed with cream and medication’ the hopes that he will be better in a week or so…

Cost of these HOT SPOTS?


examination.. $59

sedation was deemed necessary.. ( no shaving for our wide awake boy)…$53

one injection…$33

grand total…taxes in…$198.13

knowing our boy will rest comfortably  is priceless..our poor little ‘buddy’..he is worth it ‘tenfold’!




  1. He is going to feel so much better after the medication works for awhile. They have to be so miserable. We took our Grandbeagle, Zoey, in to the vet because she was itching and licking and scratching. She's having an allergic reaction, probably to all the grass that's growing from all the rain. So she's on Benadryl and a hydrocortison spray. Makes you feel so bad for them.

  2. Poor 'little' Tucker! Hope he's better soon!! :o(

  3. Poor Tucker, those hotspots must drive them nuts! Katie had one recently, but luckily I got it right away - first by putting a dress on her so she couldn't reach it, then salve that I had to stop the itching, then I got flea meds. Thankfully it went away, and she's fine now, but I'm going to keep up the flea meds monthly. No dresses for Tucker. :) I hope he's feeling well soon.

  4. Hey Tucker. your Buddy Rigg's here. hope that medicine works so you can get back in the water and have fun like me, Your MO. buddy Rigg's.

  5. The poor guy. It’s difficult when our puppy dog friends are not doing well. I can see though that Tucker is well loved and taken care of. What is the medicated cream you are using?


  6. Always saddens me when I read or hear of an animal in any kind of discomfort or distress. Just doesn't seem fair when they have to suffer with things. We at the Bayfield Bunch send our very best thoughts to Tucker in hopes of a quick & complete recovery from those troublesome hot spots.

  7. Sure hope Mr. Tucker continues to improve!

  8. Our Bichons used to get hot spots. The best thing we found was to just go to the drugstore and buy a spray can of some brand of athlete foot medicine (for people). Easy to spray on the dog, quickly healted the spot. Inexpensive, no trips to the vet, easy to use, fixes the problem. My only caution is to not miss a hot spot. I missed one once and DaZee got very very ill.

  9. That's the problem with dogs..They can'tjust reach up and scratch the spot...Tucker looks plumb "tuckered" out...I feel his pain. Big wet dog kisses to ya , Tuck!

  10. Awww, poor Tucker. We feel so bad for him. It is so hard when our pets have medical issues. We sure know with Whiskey especially this past year.

    Sure hope he is feeling better. They are worth every penny we spend on them.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. I hope Tucker gets much needed relief from the hot spots and the itching. Our Golden, Cody, has the same issues but his are on his hip area. Our little Shih Tzu has skin problems in the summer as well. We need insurance for doggies....but they are indeed worth every penny!!
    Good luck Tucker!!

  12. ugh!! Lola deals with the same problem off and on. We bought some kind of special spray for hotspots off of, but she won't stand for being sprayed! Hope Tucker gets relief soon!!

  13. poor pupper! hope he's feeling much better by now when I'm reading this!!! and that Mom and Dad are giving him lots of treats...

  14. I'm sorry to see Tucker going through this but know that you will soon get the problem under control.

    I have been researching dog foods for a while now and have found that many cause harm to our little buddies. As it turns out, the food prescribed by vets for Bodie was mostly cellulose (sawdust) and did little to help...probably caused harm too!

    We have changed our ways with the newest fuzzy member of the family and can discuss what we found when you visit.

    Until then, take care of our buddy Tucker...

    Da Godfadda

  15. So sorry to hear Tucker is suffering. Yours is now the second mention I've seen of "hot spots" ... hadn't heard of it before, but I guess we wouldn't necessarily since we don't have furkids.

  16. Bless his heart!! Hope this medicine works double quick on him. Give him a hug from us.. :)

  17. Poor thing. He looks like he might be resting comfortably.

  18. Dear Tucker,

    I know exactly how you feel. I hope the medication works and you feel better real soon. Sometimes it's tough to be a dog.


  19. Poor Tucker!!! And lucky to have such caring owners :) Our Athene had discoid lupis and suffered from welts like this quite often. It's so hard to see our pets sick.


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