Thursday, June 2, 2011

rules and regulations!


Our lives are filled with rules and regulations ..some rules are enforced for the safety of others….

  • don’t drink and drive
  • hands free cell phone when driving
  • don’t speed ( busted on that one just recently)
    Then there are the “things'” that your ‘mother’ told you as you were growing up..


  • if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all
  • if you keep making that face your face is going to stay like that
  • don’t sit so close to the will go blind
  • eat all your vegetables
  • make sure you put on clean never know if you are going to be in accident

Life goes on…rules and regulations are there for a reason..but there are the occasions when we just 'live on the edge’ knowing full well we are breaking a rule…

We break a rule everyday…Tucker at the park ..chasing his ball…he is not hurting I guess in turn we are ‘rule breakers’…we haven’t been caught by the city of Coquitlam..we know one day it will happen but until then we will continue to ‘break the rules’..all in the name of having a ‘happy dog’!..


so in closing I am off to ‘rip off the label from my mattress!..I know it says do not remove..but the rebel in me says go for it!!









  1. And don't forget the label on your pillow too. Oh you scofflaw you!!! We're all going to be busy baking cakes with files in them. Tucker looks like he is having a good time.

  2. Oh, Sue you do live on the edge!! Ha ha! You RV Bloggers are always stirring the pot...I'm so glad the Quilting Bloggers are a kinder breed...or at least Anonymous hasn't found us yet!! Dog Parks and leashes seems to be a hot topic these days! I tell you...if this A. could only see the little parks we go to. Small and out in the woods...the only people who visit these parks are dog owners. Most of the time we never see anyone and if we do it's other off leash dogs and their owners. At the big parks our dogs are always on a leash. Now Victoria's waterfront park has the right attitude!! All dogs are off leash all the time!
    Have a good night's sleep on your brand free bed!! You rebel you!

  3. Ditto to what Paulette said! Great post!!

  4. We are so lucky to live in a County that puts doggie parks in their county parks, if they didn't I am sure Rigg's and I would end up in the back of a paddy wagon and he would have that, "she sure didn't look like a cop to me " look.Some dogs like Tucker & Rigg's and Rylie & Molly are just good off leash and happier too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Go for all those labels off! Live dangerously!

  6. Great post!! I suppose I need to begin baking you a cake as well as Rick!! I hope I have enough files!! LOL
    Tucker looks so happy "retrieving" his ball....were any people hurt in the making of that fun???? It is my guess NOT!! You guys have fun!!

  7. Great post--anonymous commenters irritate me! Have a great day guys!

  8. As Maxine says,"Some people can have all the lights on and still be in the dark"..You just can't fix stupid...Too many rules make me nuts!

  9. Guess we're going to have to join you in that paddy wagon. We're in a state park and the girls are both off leash. There is not another person anywhere around. And the girls are sooo happy.

  10. I ripped off the mattress and pillow labels just yesterday, so I guess I'm one of the "rule breakers" too.

  11. Like you, we will continue to let Rusty off leash as long as he and no one else is in danger. Big tado about nothing... :)Great post, Sue.

  12. We're rule breakers too! Whiskey is getting old now and can't hear as well so we do keep her on the leash most of the time, but if we are way off in the backwoods we let her off. She is always close by so if we see or hear someone coming she is back on the leash in a flash more for her protection than for anyone else's. Some people don't like dogs and we are also unsure about other dogs. We have found a few dogs that haven't been nice to Whiskey. It's unfortunate though because of some people and some dogs Ottawa is a very unfriendly dog city for the most part as a lot of parks are no dog parks, mostly because people don't pick up after their dog or dogs running free that aren't controlled, so we see both sides of the story.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Wow you really are living on the edge fo lawlessness by ripping off that mattress tag! You'll make the RCMP 10 most wanted list for sure!

    Will Tucker be able to visit you in prision (with his lease on, of course!)? ;c)

  14. We are not leash people at all & one of the main reasons for seeking out boon docking sites has always been to let the doggy guys be themselves to run, jump & play. We generally avoid any areas or places that prohibit walking dogs off leash. I understand both sides of the leash rules & just use simple common sense if we encounter those kinds of places. Of course with 2 of our 3 guys gone now it will be a different ball game for us this winter.

  15. We are rule breakers too where our Cheyenne is concerned but we now have a new puppy, Sadie, who will have to be leash trained. Until we know how she is going to behave we will keep her on a leash. If all goes well, it will be back to breaking the rules!! :-)

  16. Funny you should mention pulling off labels. I did that this morning with some new pillows all the while wondering why there has to be a law saying not to pull them off. Too many laws.

    I guess Canadian moms and American moms got together because my said the same things your mom said!!!

  17. Beautiful park and pictures! I love the picture of Tucker looking longingly at the water, poor guy.


  18. Just wondering if the mattress police have arrested you yet? We RV types are a wild and crazy bunch.


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