Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are we getting closer?


We are hoping that end is near..the spending end that is..

Doug went out today to fill the propane tanks that are on “Little Dawg”..guess what?..not a surprise by the looks of the propane tank on the right....but we were hoping that the other one would have been okay..nope…


They are both expired…good thing we had one extra tank.. so he only had to purchase one..the up side of this is that now he only has to paint the ‘plate’ that the two tanks sit on..instead of the tanks too!

on to the ‘shoes’??..where the rubber meets the road…we figured this is an important item…hoping that one of the tires on trailer will be good enough for a spare…


here is our ‘Little Dawg’..getting sized up for a new ‘pair of shoes’.. 6 ply instead of the standard issue 4 ply …and a new rim too..because the old one was bent…


now that the rubber was replaced..time to head to ‘Camp Nunez’…in Pitt Meadows….


only one campsite spot in this private park…


all set up in ‘no time flat’..time to get busy with painting..


it as amazing how a few cans of ‘trem-clad paint’ can make something old and rusty new again!!…perfection…

our little ‘diamond in the rough’ is looking good…


the sun was out..and it was a bit that big black fan kept us cool..blowing the hot air straight on through…

our chores finally complete and dinner done..time for a ‘fire in a can’…


.a few shots of our ‘drink of choice’..some conversation with our campground ‘hostess’ Debbie Nunez....peace and quiet..that was until the ‘crazy gardener’ showed up…


that would be Sergio (the campground host) madly cutting the lawn while Tucker had a great time chasing the mower…( this is a great leashes for the Tuckmeister!!)

“I am tired now..camping is hard work…can I go to bed please??”


our overnight camping adventure was a success…the rain came down as we slept but we were warm, cozy and dry…and today the sun was shining again…

thanks for letting us stay at ‘Camp Nunez’, Debbie and Sergio…we had a great time and got lots of chores done..onwards to the next adventure…only four more sleeps…


  1. Your Little Dawg is looking good! You have put in a lot of hard work and I know you'll get a lot of fun out of it. Tucker is indeed tuckered out!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful overnight! Fun getting things in tip top shape!

  3. You are getting closer, much closer, and I might add, getting a realistic taste of the maintenance chores that need to be done on any size RV, from tent trailer to big rig. But of course, you know all about that since you used to have a trailer. It's great that you got to "camp" in Little Dawg" even while you were working. Staying warm, cozy, and dry is half the battle!

  4. Nice job on getting the camper all fixed up. You're right about Tremclad paint - it makes metal look like new again.

  5. Little Dawg is looking like new with your tender care and love. You will really be able to enjoy your travels now.

  6. One thing was running through my mind while you were doing all that fixing up... and you answered it towards the end...


    G.O.O.D. NEWS!!!!!

  7. It really looks sharp, If Doug did't throw the old LP bottles away he can scrape and sand them and paint them and then take them in and they can be pressure checked and then stamped for another 5 years. Just can have any rust showing on the threads on top. Driveway camping is always fun. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. That sure was one bad looking tire on Little Dawg. I can feel your excitement way over here in Ontario as you spiff up your little rig. I have always found that initial clean-up a fun thing to do.

  9. Private camp spot and staying dry, a very successful first outing.

  10. How fun. Even though it's work, it's such fun work. And it looks like Tucker worked harder than anybody.

  11. It's great that you are getting so much accomplished. I liked the picture in the composite of Tucker with the batteries and cable. It liked he was "all charged up and ready to go". Then, in his other picture, he looked like he was finally "all Tuckered out".

    I guess there is no question as to why the "crazy gardener" was wearing a mask as he rode that mower!!! :)

    You are proving the #1 rule of RV ownership......the initial cost of any RV is just the beginning! But...rule #2 states...the real fun comes later!! You're ready for some real fun now.:)) Cheers and sunshine to you. Enjoy.

  12. You've coughed up the money and put in the sweat equity. Now, it's time for fun!


  13. You've done so much in such a short time to make Lil' Dawg your own ... glad to hear that the weekend was not only productive , but fun as well.

  14. See how good everything turned out when you take the time to do it right. I'm not sure who is happier, you or little pup with all the TLC you've given it.

    Now enjoy the fruits of your labors! :c)

  15. Ditto what everyone else has said!

  16. I LOVED Camp Nunez....and your sweet new "baby" looks all dressed give him someplace to go!!!

  17. So glad "Little Dawg" got some new shoes....sure did need some! :-)
    You guys are really getting that camper in great shape!! It is looking very very nice!! Lots of fun ahead!!

  18. The sweat equity and direct $$$ equity will be returned in spades. Now...the true fun begins with camping journeys to plan and experience. Little Dawg is looking mighty spiffy!


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