Sunday, July 24, 2011

before and after??


When this blog was born we had a diesel truck and a travel trailer…the truck was ‘Bigdawg and the trailer was ‘Freeway’…


fast forward to May 2010..and we sold the truck and trailer and purchased the jeep…now called ‘Freeway’ step in the direction of life on the road..this silver jeep will be our ‘toad’ when the time is right…


We are  still dreaming of purchasing a Class A motorhome ( which will be called Bigdawg).. but just not yet…there are other steps we need to complete before we can get to that  point…

Rving is in our blood..and to be very truthful we have not been all that happy since we gave up the truck and trailer..we have tried to expand our horizons…and we have seen lots of sights in the last year..but it is not the same without having a little ‘home on wheels’…

Today was  a very happy ‘load up day’ of our new little ‘pup’…

We parked it at our friend’s in Pitt Meadows this weekend..lots of room to spread out and wash and scrub and clean and clean some more…


Doug made one trip out to Pitt Meadows this morning to drop one load of stuff off..and then he returned home to pick up me and Tucker and another load..

this is what greeted me when we arrived…


what a disaster!!!…and where on earth is all the stuff going to go??

within a few hours..all the items were stowed away…the curtains were re-hung after being washed…the beds are made…


there..that’s better !!!…

We still have things to do on the outside…nothing that a few cans of spray paint  won’t fix…but we are saving that for next weekend…..we did more than enough work this weekend…time to re-group and get some rest!!

so now this little ‘pup’..needs a name..for now we can call it ‘Little Dawg’..that is if Doug approves?…

Our ‘Little Dawg’ is safely parked in his parking space in our condo parkade…

Welcome Home!!!


  1. What a great homecoming for your new, clean, and organized little pup. Where did you put all those necessary items? The new-to-you "little dawg" looks clean and comfy and does not show its age. Good job!

  2. See, I told you not to let Doug go into that RV....but you fixed everything up so nicely! Way to go! Now get!!

  3. 'Little Dawg sounds good to me. If your Class A some day will be 'Big Dawg' then maybe that Travel Trailer was really 'Medium Dawg. Regardless, you are definately heading in the direction of being a 3 Dawg family one day. That was a mighty fine collection of 'stuff' Doug was able to create in the 'little feller' alright.

  4. Your Little Dawg is looking good, you can park next to us anytime. Now all you need is some quality weekend time to try it out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Amazing! Where did you put all that "stuff"? It looks great and it must be so great to have wheels beneath your wings again. Little Dawg sounds good to me.

  6. Love the new Little Dawg...and remember that half the fun of traveling is in the preparation...Can't wait to hear of your new adventures away from the kennel...

  7. What a GREAT deal you got... Little Dawg (I like that name too) is looking very good. We woman are miracle workers when it comes to packing 10 pounds of stuff in a 1 pound bag!!! I know you'll have a lot of fun going places in it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. The class A could be called "Super Dawg" ;-)

    Good job on the pup! Have fun!

  9. I still like Little Pup for it's name. It's like a puppy - all excited about being picked up and ready to go. Have fun with it.

  10. Nice job on the cleanup and getting everything all put away.

  11. Looks a lot more comfy than a tent to me! :)

  12. Holy Cow ~ where'd all that stuff go?

    Love the name... well, all of them and learning the story! I didn't know it all!

    So, where ya goin' first???

  13. What a neat little trailer. It's amazing how much "stuff" can go into little spaces. Have fun.

  14. Your "touch" has really made Little Dawg very nice and comfy looking! Now you all are ready for your maiden voyage....start planning!!

  15. What fun. Small is better than none at all!

  16. You're putting your personal stamp on Little Dawg ... before you know it, you'll be out camping in your home on wheels.

  17. I am sooo sooo tickled for you. It looks so cozy. Love the Little Dawg name!

  18. love it....noting like organizing to make it your own...happy trails...

  19. Little Dawg is a great name. It's looking great too with everything stowed and the rig all cleaned up. Well done!

  20. Add one more vote for Lil Pup...LOL! But it's just good to see you getting things ready to do more CAMPING!!

  21. You are one fabulous organizer!
    Can you image living for 7 months in a camper like yours with 4 children while you wait for a home to be built? We did from June 1st-Dec.19th in Michigan. Now that was interesting!! But we were making memories we can laugh about today.
    Wasn't so funny then though!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog today. I'll be back to visit you too.

  22. That's looking very comfortable. When do you leave...we'll meet you on the road!!! I'm sure you're going to have great fun with your little cabin on wheels. Does Tucker like it?

  23. Reminds me of our little Starcraft that we gave away at age 15 and over 400 nights of camping.

    We know you missed your own little home on wheels and this will fill in quite nicely for the time being.


    Da Godfadda and da missus

  24. You made the little pup look so nice and where did you put all that stuff? Have fun with it.

  25. The new "Pup" looks great and so much better than sleeping on the ground in a tent. Enjoy!!!

  26. Congratulations on your "Little Dawg" not sure how I missed these posts but I did. It was only after seeing some of the later posts showing the pictures that I went back and found the posts. You have done a great job cleaning him up and getting all your stuff stored away nicely. We are sure you will have many happy camping trips with "Little Dawg and Freeway".

    Kevin and Ruth


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