Friday, July 15, 2011



the last round of our trip…Lacey, Washington to our house in Coquitlam B.C. (another 194 miles)

Fullscreen capture 15072011 75720 PM


but not before a stop at Doug’s favourite store…



he managed to find a few new t'-shirts’ to add to his collection…so he was happy…

This visit was also a ‘bittersweet one’…we thought of Bruce and Margie as we walked into the store…


July 23, 2010 was the day that we had met Bruce and Margie for the first time..


The following is an excerpt from our blog on that day…some days we still can’t believe that they are no longer with us…

‘We had a lunch date in Lacey, Washington..with Bruce and Margie..we have been following their blog for at least a year now..and we finally got to meet face to face..what a great meet-up..we had lunch at Cabela’s..and we spent almost two hours chatting and getting to know this lovely couple..we only wish we could have stayed longer…but the I-5 was calling our name…we parted ways and we know that we will meet these fine folks down the road one day..but until then we will follow them on their blog…’


Tucker waited patiently in the jeep…he has been such a good ‘travelling dog’…we are so lucky!


the I-5 was okay…that was until we got to least favourite part of the drive…


and then there was the craving for a mango pineapple smoothie from McDonalds..and our sad attempt at trying to find a McDonalds..we had a


moment….after three exits we finally found our ‘smoothies’..not our finest moment..and with “lola the nagigator” on our case ….well no more words are necessary..


we crossed over the border into Canada with no issues…how long have you been gone?..where do you live?..and the final question was ..value of goods over $1500?..nope…have a nice day!!


heading over the Port Mann Bridge…almost home…


hey..they painted the building and changed the colour?…are we at the right place?


there you have the ‘cold hard facts’ two weeks we travelled 2822 kilometers..or 1763.75 miles! for the fuel cost?..I will let you know how accurate that is when all the receipts are entered!

thanks for riding along with us over the last two weeks..we hope we kept you all entertained…


  1. Hey Doug, you should buy one of them "Ugly Stick" fishing rods so you can fish for them "ugly fish" whenever you want. You might catch some of them up there in Canada, not just in Oregon.

    Sue, thanks for your photos and narrative of your travels this trip. It was great "riding along" and we'll look forward to hearing and seeing much more from you, now that you're back home.

    Say some good things to Tucker for us....he was such a good boy. You may have to quit calling him the "devil child" after how good he's been on this trip!!

  2. Glad you made it home safely, Sue and Doug. I enjoyed following your trip to Port Orford. It's now on my list of places to go and stay for a while, not just drive through!

  3. sweet memory...

    glad you're home!

  4. I hope you can take another trip real soon!

  5. I don't care where we go..I just wanta get the bejesus outta here!! Glad you two got to do it!!

  6. It's always nice to ride along with some one in a different part of the country! I enjoyed the trip. :)

  7. I came in late on this trip so I'll be going back and reading the prior posts. Home safely and yeah for Tucker! Good traveling dogs are the best!

    Thanks for sharing your past memories with Bruce and Margie. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to meet them but was excited when she joined my old blog. The good news is that yesterday I figured out how to import that blog to my new one and all her comments will available for viewing soon. Cheers! ~M

  8. Always nice to see a fellow blogger traveling through my part of the world. My grandson and I regularly visit the Church of the Outdoors in Olympia and drop to our knees and thank the great God of the outdoors for the outdoors...

  9. Also love that store, but it can get expensive.

  10. Good to be home? Always fun to plan another - whenever!

  11. Sorry your trip is over, you certainly had a great time and we enjoyed going "along" with you.

    When do you go again? We can't wait...

  12. Very nice, gives me a lot of inspiration being right in the midst of a redesign. It¡¯s all in the details and comment forms are definitely overlooked more often than not. Time well spent on this post.

  13. Hey, you guys slipped home before I knew you got there. Ok, so now that you have been home for a day, when's the next trip:))

  14. I was thinking of Bruce and Margie this past week. What a lesson in living they were.

  15. Great trip, I enjoyed!



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