Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buckin’ a head wind…

 It was a very windy night last night..the screens and windows were flapping away…keeping us awake most of the night..even Tucker didn’t like it…..

I have come to terms with the fact that there are no good hair days on the Oregon Coast…today was another windy day…hair was a knotted mess…thank goodness for a hat!!


‘Abbey’ and Juanita came for a walk this morning to Battle Rock Beach…Tucker had to share his ‘doghouse area’ with a passenger!?..


the wind was still blowing this morning..and Abbey was having a grand time exploring the beach…Tucker?..well we all know what he was doing..


A snowy plover..looking for food……

Doug clipped  Abbey’s leash to Tucker…the two of them had a fun time running down the beach..only getting tangled a few times…



when we are at home and I would look at Gordon’s pictures on his journal post..I would think to myself..’Can the sky really be that blue?…well, you know what it is !!!…no doctoring with these photos..what you see is what you get!!..perfect periwinkle blue…


…after the daily morning walk it is ‘coffee time’…and yes, we brought the cappuccino maker…the results of this…one vanilla steamed milk with caramel on top..every morning..I love vacations!!


today was a ‘rest day’…not much going on..just windy windy and more wind…sat outside and listened to my I-pod…took a short nap in the sunshine…(sure hope I wasn’t snoring)…


we went back to the beach in the afternoon…time for one more run…the tide was not much sand to drive on…


Tucker chased his ball once again…and went surfing…


not on purpose mind you ..but surfing still the big wave….and he was very wet….then there was the rolling in ‘lord knows what"’ stinky wet dog covered in sand…riding in the ‘doghouse’….put the windows down please…


we went to Gordon and Juanita’s across the street……bucking a ‘headwind’ all the way…


for a chili dinner…


…we supplied the salad and Juanita made an apple crisp for dessert….it was a lovely evening…with lots of conversation…and Abbey providing the entertainment…

We are thoroughly enjoying our stay in Port Orford…even with the 21 mph winds all day…the sky is blue and when the wind is actually warm in the sunshine…picture perfect…(minus the bad hair days)

stay tuned we are heading south tomorrow…California here were we come…


  1. I guess the usual wind at the coast makes us all the more appreciative when there is an occasional non-windy day. We stayed at Yachats one time after Christmas when it was extremely windy (70 mph!)...not a fun experience in a motorhome, but we still didn't want to leave that area because we had a site right on the beach.

  2. I've decided that wind has become a part of our lives no matter where we are. So I gave up on the hair. Whatever it is, that's it. Things have been pretty calm here in Billings, MT the last few days but warm. So I'm actually enjoying myself. But I think your beach looks a whole lot better than our son's driveway. Abbey sure is a pretty thing. But Tucker just steals your heart.

  3. Nice header picture of the Tuckster, and that one of Juanita and Abbey in the distance has real possibilities. :)

  4. We were lucky this year as we didn't get any wind at all while on the Oregon Coast. I do remember it though from our previous summer visits. Dinner should sounded good!

  5. What beautiful photos and you are so right it is that gorgeous there... How nice that Juanita & Gorden are there to visit with you all... NICE!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. I'll have one of those cappuccinos please! YUM!

    Great photos of the beach and Abbey and Tucker.

    That wind was nasty yesterday. Guess it must have been along the entire coast cuz it was sure windy at Heceta Head too. Bet it's a lot nicer today. Have a safe journey to CA.

  7. Doug puts new meaning to the old expression "let running dogs fly"...or something like that.

    Great photos. Thanks again for sharing. Enjoy!

  8. that sky really is an amazing color...what a gorgeous spot!! and I'm getting hungry just looking at that chili :)

  9. Your photos are just beautiful. I can't help but remember how last year I never went without a jacket all summer when I saw your photos on the beach. Not this year, it's 98 degrees here today. Enjoy your vacation.


  10. That chilli looks so darn good. A little too warn here for that particular dish, but we do love it. Have fun and stay safe.

  11. I gave up doing my hair while RVing a long time ago...Just shower, shampoo and comb...Love your pictures of the coast..It reminds me a little of Northern Maine!

  12. With the wind in all it looked like a nice day of rest.

  13. Sounds and looks like a great day had..despite the winds. A morning walk on the beach is sooo relaxing and peaceful, glad the weather was conducive for that walk. I bet Tucker really enjoyed playing in the water. By the way, I like the header pic of Tucker!


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